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Carol Reed: Follow Me (1972) (Blu-ray) (UK Import), BR

Follow Me (1972) (Blu-ray) (UK Import)

If there’s one thing we love to do at Network it's to take series and films that were roundly ignored (or pilloried) on their original release and make them available to appreciative new viewers – and you…

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Blu-ray Disc
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The Wedding Present: Going, Going... (180g), LP,LP,CD,DVD,SIN

The Wedding Present
Going, Going... (180g)

Product Information Ninth studio album from UK indie darlings tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty »Linked songs«, each with an accompanying short film. …

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2 LPs, CD, DVD, Single 7"
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: Menuhin & Grappelli - Friends in Music (Icon Series), CD,CD,CD,CD

Menuhin & Grappelli - Friends in Music (Icon Series)

Yehudi Menuhin, Stephane Grappelli, Max Harris, Nelson Riddle u.a.

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4 CDs
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The Rolling Stones: Steel Wheels (2009 Remastered), CD

The Rolling Stones
Steel Wheels (2009 Remastered)

The 19th studio album by The Rolling Stones was released in 1989. Recorded in Montserrat and London in spring, before launching into the band's biggest ever world tour to date, Steel Wheels is the closest…

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Havergal Brian: Symphonie Nr.18, CD

Havergal Brian (1876-1972)
Symphonie Nr.18

Bisengaliev, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Friend

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