Benjamin Britten: Complete Folk Songs für Stimme & Klavier

    Complete Folk Songs für Stimme & Klavier
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    • I wonder as I wander; The Salley Gardens; Little Sir William; The Bonny Earl o'Moray; O can ye sew cushions?; The trees they grow so high; The Ash Grove; Oliver Cromwell; The Crocodile; Greensleeves; The Holly and the Ivy; La Noel passee; Voici le printemps; Fileuse; Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse; La belle est au jardin d'amour; Il est quelqu'un sur terre; Eho!Eho!; Quand j'etais chez mon pere; The Plough Boy; There's none to Soothe; Sweet Polly Oliver; The Miller of Dee; The Foggy, Foggy Dew; The Stream in the Valley; O Waly, Waly; Come you not from Newcastle?; Pray goody; The Deaf Woman's Courtship; At the mid hour of night; Rich and rare; Dear Harp of my Country; The last rose of summer; O the sight entrancing; Avenging and bright; Sail on, sail on; How sweet the answer; The Minstrel Boy; Oft in the sstilly night; Soldier, won't you marry me; The Brisk Young Widow; Sally in our Alley; The Lincolnshire Poacher; Early one morning; Ca'the yowes; Tom Bowling; Dink's Song
    • Künstler: Mark Milhofer (Tenor), Marco Scolastra (Klavier)
    • Label: Brilliant, DDD, 2019/2020
    • Bestellnummer: 10354172
    • Erscheinungstermin: 5.2.2021
    • Tracklisting

    Disk 1 von 2

    1. 1 I wonder as I wander
    2. 2 The Salley Gardens
    3. 3 Little Sir William
    4. 4 The Bonny Earl o' Moray
    5. 5 O can ye sew cushions?
    6. 6 The trees they grow so high
    7. 7 The ash grove
    8. 8 Oliver Cromwell
    9. 9 The crocodile
    10. 10 Greensleeves
    11. 11 The holly and the ivy
    12. 12 Le Noël passée
    13. 13 Voici le printemps
    14. 14 Fileuse
    15. 15 Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse
    16. 16 La belle est au jardin d'amour
    17. 17 Il est quelqu'un sur terre
    18. 18 Eho! Eho!
    19. 19 Quand j'etais chez mon père
    20. 20 The plough boy
    21. 21 There's none to soothe
    22. 22 Sweet Polly Oliver
    23. 23 The Miller of Dee
    24. 24 The foggy, foggy dew
    25. 25 The stream in the valley

    Disk 2 von 2