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Antonio Rosetti
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Rosetti:Hornkonzerte Murray C48 & C50;Konzert Murray C61 für 2 Hörner & Orchester;Andante aus Konzert für 2 Hörner & Orchester C55Q
Klaus Wallendorf,Sarah Willis,Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester,Johannes Moesus
  • Label: CPO, DDD, 2006


cpo Katalog 2012 & CD

Ganz up-to-date mit weit über 900 cpo-Titeln präsentiert sich der gerade eingetroffene cpo Katalog 2012. Wieder im CD-Format gehalten, erhalten Sie ihn, wenn Sie unsere hochwertige cpo-CD mit Hornkonzerten von Rosetti mit den Solisten Klaus Wallendorf und Sarah Willis zu einem einmaligen Sonderpreis bestellen. Hornkonzerte von sprudelnder Erfindungskraft und blühender, empfindsamer Melodik!

Product Information

cpo Catalogue 2012 & CD The brand-new cpo Catalogue 2012 is absolutely up-to-date and now even more attractive with its many more than nine hundred titles. The catalogue has again been printed in CD format, and you’ll get your copy when you order – at a unique special price – the top-quality cpo CD featuring Rosetti’s horn concertos as performed by the soloists Klaus Wallendorf, Sarah Willis and by the Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester and conductor Johannes Moesus (as single CD from the back catalogue: cpo 777 288-2)

American Record Guide, 12 / 2009 »The soloists play superbly. Moesus leads fine support, and the recording is top notch. This – and the other cpo recordings by these two players – are well worth having, and the notes are also very detailed and well written.«

CD-Product Information: More Rosetti Horn Concertos During the eighteenth century the horn was a number-one Bohemian domain. It is thus not surprising that Anton Rosetti also composed numerous horn concertos, probably for Joseph Nagel and Franz Zwierzina, the two best horn virtuosos of the Wallerstein court ensemble. After our release of some of Rosetti’s double horn concertos some time ago (cpo 999 734-2), we now are presenting another double horn concerto and two solo horn concertos by this composer. Our interpreters Klaus Wallendorf and Sarah Willis once again demonstrate their virtuoso capabilities in passages exceptional in their length, supreme technical demands, and velocity. Motivic and dynamic contrasts as well as expressive cantilenas for the solo instruments also distinguish these concertos displaying exuberant powers of invention and radiant, emotionally nuanced melodies within the framework of the then modern compositional architectures of musical classicism.


klassik-heute. com 08 / 09: "Selbst die exzentrischsten Teufelsläufe und Verzierungsschnörkel zu zweit (!) halten jeglichen Anforderungen an Tonqualitäten und (auch übertriebenen) Tempovorgaben stand. Und das ist die eigentliche, hörenswerte, beifallswürdige Rosetti-Überraschung."
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 I. Allegro
  2. 2 II. Romance: Andante
  3. 3 Iii. Rondeau: Allegretto
  4. 4 I. Allegro
  5. 5 II. Romance: Adagio
  6. 6 Iii. Rondeau: Allegretto
  7. 7 I. Allegro
  8. 8 II. Romance: Adagio non tanto
  9. 9 Iii. Rondo: Allegretto
  10. 10 Concerto For 2 Horns In E Flat Major, C55q/Iii:54: Andante

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