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  • Idil Biret
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Schumann: Fantasiestücke op. 12
+Brahms: Intermezzi op. 117
  • Künstler: Idil Biret (Klavier)
  • Label: IBA, ADD, 1959
  • Bestellnummer: 1837796
  • Erscheinungstermin: 31.5.2010


"No doubt remained as soon as the piano began to reverberate: on the stage was a first class musician and a maestro. A complete freedom went hand in hand with Idil Biret's interpretations. One has the feeling that she plays as easily as she breathes. With an extraordinary plasticity, she moulds each musical phrase like wax with her fingers. But, the freedom in Miss Biret's interpretation is not accidental. Her attitude towards the works she is playing is the result of meditation. The art of Idil Biret gives joy and emotion." - D. Blagoy SOVIETSKAIA KULTURA - USSR 1960
"The most exciting young pianist to come to Montreal in years. She has a personal magnetism that belongs only to a certain type of virtuoso performer, one who succeeds in hypnotizing you no matter how what he or she is playing. Horowitz was one of these people, Samson François and now Idil Biret...Miss Biret is one of the finest natural Schumann players I have ever come across. In fact I cannot recall ever hearing a better all round performance of Schumann's Fantasiestücke in any concert hall in this city." - Jacob Siskind THE MONTREAL STAR - CANADA 1960
"We are in the presence of one of the greatest virtuosos of our time. I do not see in her generation any other pianist who possesses an equal mastery of the keyboard, in the service of such a mature mind so rich in imagination." - Marc Pincherle NOUVELLES LITTERAIRES - FRANCE 1959"
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 No. 1. Des Abends
  2. 2 No. 2. Aufschwung
  3. 3 No. 3. Warum?
  4. 4 No. 4. Grillen
  5. 5 No. 5. In der Nacht
  6. 6 No. 6. Fabel
  7. 7 No. 7. Traumes Wirren
  8. 8 No. 8. Ende vom Lied
  9. 9 No. 1 in E flat major
  10. 10 No. 2 in B flat minor
  11. 11 No. 3 in C sharp minor

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