Georg Friedrich Händel: Saul

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    • Künstler: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Paul Esswood, Julia Varady, Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt
    • Label: Warner, DDD, 1985
    • Bestellnummer: 1835824
    • Erscheinungstermin: 29.1.2010
    • Serie: Das Alte Werk
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    Saul Hwv 53 (Oratorium) (Gesamtaufnahme)
    1. 1 Sinfonie
    2. 2 Chor: How excellent thy name, o Lord (1. Akt)
    3. 3 Air: An infant rais'd by thy command
    4. 4 Trio: Along the monster atheist strode
    5. 5 Chor: The youth inspir'd by thee, o Lord - Chor: How excellent thy name o Lord... Hallelujah
    6. 6 Rezitativ: He comes, he comes! - Air: O godlike youth! by all confess'd of human race the pride
    7. 7 Rezitativ: Behold, o King, the brave, victorious youth - Air: O King, your favours with delight I take
    8. 8 Rezitativ: Oh early piety! Oh modest merit!
    9. 9 Air: What abject thoughts a prince can have! - Rezitativ: Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow
    10. 10 Air: Birth and fortune I despise!
    11. 11 Rezitativ: Thou, Merab, first in birth, be first in honour - Air: My soul rejects the thought with scorn
    12. 12 Air: See, with what a scornful air she the precious gitt receives
    13. 13 Sinfonie pour les Carillons
    14. 14 Rezitativ: Already see the daughters of the land
    15. 15 Chor: Welcome, welcome mighty king!... Saul, who hast thy thousands slain, welcome
    16. 16 Accompagnato: What do I hear? Am I then sunk so low - Chor: David his ten thousands slew - Accompagnato: To him ten...
    17. 17 Rezitativ: Imprudent women! Air: Fell rage and black despair possess'd
    18. 18 Rezitativ: Rack'd with infernal pains, ev'n now the king comes forth
    19. 19 Air: O Lord, whose mercies numberless o'er all thy works prevail
    20. 20 Rezitativ: 'Tis all in vain
    21. 21 Air: A serpent, in my bosom warm'd, would sting me to the heart - Rezitativ: Has he escap'd my rage?
    22. 22 Air: Capricious man, in humour lost
    23. 23 Accompagnato: Oh filial piety! oh sacred friendship! - Air: No, cruel father, no!
    24. 24 Chor: Preserve him for the glory of thy name, thy people's safety
    25. 25 Chor: Envy! Eldest-born of hell! (2. Akt)
    26. 26 Rezitativ: Ah, dearest friend, undine by too much virtue! - Air: But sooner Jordan's stream I swear, back to his...
    27. 27 Rezitativ: Hast thou obey'd my orders - Air: Sin not, o King, against the youth
    28. 28 Air: As great Jehovah lives, I swear, the youth shall not be slain
    29. 29 Air: From cities storm'd, and battles won, what glory can accrue?

    Disk 2 von 2

    1. 1 Rezitativ: Appear, my friend - No more imagine danger
    2. 2 Air: Your words, o King, my loyal heart with double ardour fire
    3. 3 Rezitativ: Yes, he shall wed my daughter
    4. 4 Rezitativ: A father's will has authoriz'd my love
    5. 5 Duett: O fairest of ten thousand fair
    6. 6 Chor: Is there a man, who all his ways directs, his God alone to please?
    7. 7 Concerto
    8. 8 Rezitativ: Thy father is as cruel, and as false, as thou art kind and true - Duett: At persecution I can laugh; no ...
    9. 9 Rezitativ: Whom dost thou seek? and who has sent thee hither - Air: No, no, let the guilty tremble at ev'ry thought...
    10. 10 Rezitativ: Mean as he was, he is my brother now - Air: Author of peace, who canst controul ev'ry passion of the soul
    11. 11 Sinfonia
    12. 12 Accompagnato: The time at length is come
    13. 13 Rezitativ: Where is the son of Jesse?
    14. 14 Chor: Oh fatal consequence of rage, by reason uncontrolled
    15. 15 Accompagnato: Wretch that I am! of my own ruin author - Accompagnato: 'tis said, here lives a woman (3. Akt)
    16. 16 Rezitativ: With me what wouldst thou? - Air: Infernal spirits, by whose pow'r departed ghosts
    17. 17 Accompagnato: Why hast thou forc'd me from the realms of peace back to this world of woe?
    18. 18 Sinfonia
    19. 19 Rezitativ: Whence com'st thou? - Air: Impious wretch, of race accurst!
    20. 20 Dead March
    21. 21 Chor: Mourn, Israel, mourn
    22. 22 Rezitativ: Oh let it not in Gath be heard - Air: From this unhappy day no more, ye Gilboan hills
    23. 23 Chor: Eagles were not so swift as they
    24. 24 Air: In sweetest harmony they liv'd - Solo & Chor: Oh fatal day! How low the mighty lie!
    25. 25 Rezitativ: Ye men of Judah, weep no more
    26. 26 Chor: Gird on thy sword, thou man of might