+The Murmuring Forest; After the Ball
  • Künstler: Volgograd PO, Saratov Conservatory SO, Edward Serov, Kirill Ershov
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006
  • Bestellnummer: 6682505
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.12.2006


At one time largely overlooked in the West, Boris Tchaikovsky is now becoming widely recognised as one of the most important Russian composers of our time. His First Symphony, written in 1947, made a profound impression on Shostakovich, but owing to Stalin's campaign against dissident Soviet composers it was only premiered in 1962, fifteen years after it had been written. It appears here in its first recording. The Murmuring Forest is a dramatisation of a novel by Vladimir Korolenko (1853-1921) about a forest-dweller who lived at the mercy of a cruel despotic squire. Employing a rich orchestral palette, its score was thought lost for years until, thanks to the efforts of The Boris Tchaikovsky Society, it was rediscovered. After the Ball was likewise inspired by a literary work, a story by Tolstoy, which Tchaikovsky realised as a seven-part dance suite. It includes an especially beautiful Waltz that could have been written by the earlier (and unrelated) Tchaikovsky.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Symphony No. 1: I. Moderato
  2. 2 Symphony No. 1: II. Allegro marcato
  3. 3 Symphony No. 1: Iii. Largo
  4. 4 Symphony No. 1: IV. Allegretto
  5. 5 The Murmuring Forest Suite: I. Moderato
  6. 6 The Murmuring Forest Suite: II. Moderato
  7. 7 The Murmuring Forest Suite: Iii. Allegro
  8. 8 The Murmuring Forest Suite: IV. Molto vivace
  9. 9 The Murmuring Forest Suite: V. Andante
  10. 10 After the Ball Suite: I. Introduction
  11. 11 After the Ball Suite: II. Waltz
  12. 12 After The Ball Suite: Iii. Reminiscence
  13. 13 After the Ball Suite: IV. Mazurka
  14. 14 After the Ball Suite: V. At Home
  15. 15 After the Ball Suite: VI. March (Execution)
  16. 16 After The Ball Suite: Vii. Conclusion

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