• Künstler: Fisher Morgan, Thomas Round, Leonard Osborn, Jeffrey Skich, D'Oyly Carte Opera Company Chorus, New Symphony Orchestra of London, Isidore Godfrey
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1951
  • Bestellnummer: 6565068
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.6.2006
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  1. 1 Princess Ida: Act I: Overture
  2. 2 Princess Ida: Act I: Search throughout the panorama (Chorus, Florian)
  3. 3 Princess Ida: Act I: Now hearken to my strict command (Hildebrand, Chorus)
  4. 4 Princess Ida: Act I: Recit: Today we meet - Ballad: Ida was a twelvemonth old (Hilarion)
  5. 5 Princess Ida: Act I: From the distant panorama (Chorus) - We are warriors three (Arac, Guron, Scynthius)
  6. 6 Princess Ida: Act I: If you give me your attention (Gama, Chorus)
  7. 7 Princess Ida: Act I: Perhaps if you address the lady (Gama, Hildebrand)
  8. 8 Princess Ida: Act I: Recit: Come, Cyril, Florian (Hilarion) - Expressive glances (Hilarion, Cyril, Florian, Chorus)
  9. 9 Princess Ida: Act I: Recit: Must we, till then, in prison cell be thrust? (Gama, Hildebrand, Arac, Guron, Scynthius)
  10. 10 Princess Ida: Act II: Towards the empyrean heights (Chorus, Melissa, Psyche, Sacharissa)
  11. 11 Princess Ida: Act II: Mighty maiden with a mission(Chorus)
  12. 12 Princess Ida: Act II: Recit: Minerva! Hear me - Oh goddess wise (Princess Ida)
  13. 13 Princess Ida: Act II: Gently, gently, evidently (Hilarion, Cyril, Florian)
  14. 14 Princess Ida: Act II: They intend to send a wire (Hilarion, Florian, Cyril)
  15. 15 Princess Ida: Act II: I am a maiden, cold and stately (Hilarion, Cyril, Florian)
  16. 16 Princess Ida: Act II: The world is but a broken toy (Princess, Hilarion, Cyril, Florian)
  17. 17 Princess Ida: Act II: A lady fair (The Ape and The Lady) (Lady Psyche)
  18. 18 Princess Ida: Act II: The woman of the wisest wit (Psyche, Melissa, Hilarion, Cyril, Florian)
  19. 19 Princess Ida: Act II: Now wouldn't you like to rule the roost (Melissa, Lady Blanche)
  20. 20 Princess Ida: Act II: Merrily ring the luncheon bell (Chorus, Blanche, Cyril)
  21. 21 Princess Ida: Act II: Would you know the kind of maid (Cyril)
  22. 22 Princess Ida: Act II: Finale (Tutti)

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Princess Ida: Act Iii: Death To The Invader! (Chorus, Melissa)
  2. 2 Princess Ida: Act Iii: I Built Upon A Rock (Princess)
  3. 3 Princess Ida: Act Iii: Whene'er I Spoke (Gama)
  4. 4 Princess Ida: Act Iii: When Anger Spreads His Song (Chorus Of Soldiers)
  5. 5 Princess Ida: Act Iii: This Helmet, I Suppose (Arac, Guron, Scynthius)
  6. 6 Princess Ida: Act Iii: This Is Our Duty Plain (Chorus Of Ladies, Soldiers)
  7. 7 Princess Ida: Act Iii: Finale (Princess Ida, Hilarion, Chorus)
  8. 8 The Gondoliers: Act I: For the merriest fellows are we (Antonio, Chorus)
  9. 9 The Gondoliers: Act I: Buon giorno, signorine (Giuseppe, Marco, Chorus of Girls)
  10. 10 The Gondoliers: Act I: From the sunny Spanish shore (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz)
  11. 11 The Gondoliers: Act I: In enterprise of martial kind (Duke)
  12. 12 The Gondoliers: Act I: There was a time (Casilda, Luiz)
  13. 13 The Gondoliers: Act I: I stole the prince (Don Alhambra)
  14. 14 The Gondoliers: Act I: Recit: But bless my heart - Try we lifelong (Casilda, Duchess, Luiz, Duke, Don Alhambra)
  15. 15 The Gondoliers: Act I: Bridegroom and bride (Chorus)
  16. 16 The Gondoliers: Act I: When a merry maiden marries (Tessa)
  17. 17 The Gondoliers: Act I: Then one of us will be a queen (Tessa, Gianetta, Marco, Giuseppe)
  18. 18 The Gondoliers: Act II: Rising early in the morning (Giuseppe)
  19. 19 The Gondoliers: Act II: Take a pair of sparkling eyes (Marco)
  20. 20 The Gondoliers: Act II: There lived a king (Don Alhambra)
  21. 21 The Gondoliers: Act II: I am a courtier, grave and serious (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Marco, Giuseppe)
  22. 22 The Gondoliers: Act II: Here we are, at risk of our lives (Chorus)
  23. 23 The Gondoliers: Act II: Dance a cachucha (Chorus)

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