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    Mahmoud Darwish: Mural, Buch

    Mahmoud Darwish

    A major new translation of remarkable, late poems by the great Palestinian poet.

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    Nancy Fraser: Redistribution or Recognition?, Buch

    Nancy Fraser
    Redistribution or Recognition?

    A debate between two leading theorists on the relation of redistribution to recognition

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    Maria Rite Kehl: Time and the Dog, Buch

    Maria Rite Kehl
    Time and the Dog

    The relationship of depression to contemporary capitalist society

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    Alexandre Kojeve: The Notion of Authority, Buch

    Alexandre Kojeve
    The Notion of Authority

    "In The Notion of Authority, written in the 1940s in Nazi-occupied France, Alexandre Kojeve uncovers the conceptual premises of four primary models of authority, examining the practical application of the…

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    Karma Nabulsi: The Invisible History, Buch

    Karma Nabulsi
    The Invisible History

    The Conservative government's 2015 introduction of the Prevent programme in which public sector staff were encouraged and obligated to report perceived extremism has faced criticism for establishing a tyr…

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    Maxime Rodinson: Muhammad, Buch

    Maxime Rodinson

    A classic account of the life and thought of the Prophet Muhammad and the development of early Islam from one of the most historians of the twentieth century. Rodinson's lucid and engaging study situates …

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    Sukhdev Sandhu: Night Haunts, Buch

    Sukhdev Sandhu
    Night Haunts

    An attempt to revitalise the great myth of London for a new century, inspired by H.V. Morton's "The Nights Of London", presenting largely unseen and overlooked occupations and subcultures, and garnering p…

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    Kshama Sawant: American Socialist, Buch

    Kshama Sawant
    American Socialist

    The first-person story of the socialist who's turned Seattle politics upside-down and created the highest minimum-wage in the world

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    Teresa Thornhill: Hara Hotel, Buch

    Teresa Thornhill
    Hara Hotel

    A first-hand account of a Greek refugee camp--and the stories of the refugees staying thereSyrian Kurd Juwan Azad left his home and family in Damascus in 2011 to flee military service under the al-Assad r…

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