Yoko Ono: Yes, I'm A Witch Too

    Yes, I'm A Witch Too
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Label: Manimal Vinyl, 2016
    • Bestellnummer: 8514317
    • Erscheinungstermin: 19.2.2016

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    • Tracklisting
    1. 1 Walking on thin ice (Maestro Version) feat. Danny Tenaglia
    2. 2 Forgive me my love feat. Death Cab For Cutie
    3. 3 Mrs. L ennon feat. Peter, Bjorn and John
    4. 4 Give me something feat. Sparks
    5. 5 She gets down on her knees feat. Penguin Prison
    6. 6 Dogtown (Sean Lennon remix)
    7. 7 Wouldnit (Dave Audé remix)
    8. 8 Move on fast feat. Jack Douglas
    9. 9 Soul got out of the box feat. Portugal.The Man
    10. 10 Approxmately infinite universe feat. Blow Up
    11. 11 Yes, i'm your angel feat. Cibo Matto
    12. 12 Warrior woman feat. Tune-Yards
    13. 13 Coffin car (Automatique remix)
    14. 14 I have a woman inside my soul (John Palumbo remix)
    15. 15 Catman feat. Miike Snow
    16. 16 No bed for Beatle John feat. Ebony Bones!
    17. 17 Hell in paradise feat. Moby