Hillbilly Deluxe

    Hillbilly Deluxe
    CD (Compact Disc)

    Herkömmliche CD, die mit allen CD-Playern und Computerlaufwerken, aber auch mit den meisten SACD- oder Multiplayern abspielbar ist.

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      • Label: Atomicat
      • Bestellnummer: 10358805
      • Erscheinungstermin: 27.11.2020
      • Tracklisting
      • Mitwirkende
      1. 1 Jack Rowe And His Wichita Mountain Boys: Bomb Bosh Boogie
      2. 2 Johnny Daume And His Ozark Ridge Runners: Boogie Woogie Blonde
      3. 3 Henry Tommy Scott & His Ramblers: Dance With Her
      4. 4 Wally Fowler And His Georgia Clodhoppers: Mountain Boogie
      5. 5 Claudie Ham: Fisherman's Blues
      6. 6 Ramblin' Tommy Scott: Jumpin' From Six To Six
      7. 7 Bill Tutt: Sixty Days
      8. 8 Art Gunn And The Arizona Playboys: Sugar Cane Boogie
      9. 9 Pal Thibodeaux: Port Arthur Boogie
      10. 10 Billy Jack Wills & His Western Swing Band: Tobacco Chewing Boogie
      11. 11 Reese Shipley: Catfish Boogie
      12. 12 Cousin Joe Maphis And The Top Hands: Lonesome Train Boogie
      13. 13 Kelly West & His Friendly Country Boys: Drive Slow Baby
      14. 14 Jimmy Short & The Silver Saddle Ranch Boys: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
      15. 15 Maple Hill Boys: Blue Boogie
      16. 16 Leroy Jenkins And His Texas Showboys: Too Fat Boogie
      17. 17 R. D. Hendon & His Western Jamboree Cowboys: Music Making Mama From Memphis
      18. 18 Sunshine Sue And Her Rangers Feat. Cousin Joe Maphis: Barn Dance Boogie
      19. 19 Tommy Mooney With Bobby Mooney And His Automobile Babies: Bingo Boogie
      20. 20 Corky Edminster And His Kans Corral Gang: Twin Guitar Boogie
      21. 21 Tommy Kizziah And His West Coast Ramblers: Long Tom Boogie
      22. 22 The Tennessee Haymakers: Dub's Double Boogie
      23. 23 Smiling Jerry Jericho: Boogie Woogie Dance
      24. 24 Jack Grant & His 7-V-4 Ranch Boys: The Crawdad Hole
      25. 25 The Armstrong Twins: Alabama Baby Floyd & Lloyd
      26. 26 Tiny Stokes And The Frontiersmen: Blackfoot Boogie