Diggin' For Gold Vol.3 (180g) (Limited-Handnumbered-Edition) (Gold Vinyl)

    Diggin' For Gold Vol.3 (180g) (Limited-Handnumbered-Edition) (Gold Vinyl)
    LP (Long Play)

    Die gute alte Vinyl - Langspielplatte.

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    • Tracklisting
    1. 1 Dayaks so long, sad sack
    2. 2 The moondogs trying to make you see
    3. 3 Mad comics so down
    4. 4 Paul & johnny with the blue jets i'm free
    5. 5 The scarlets now i know
    6. 6 The leather souls what's the use
    7. 7 The soul agents i'm still mad at you
    8. 8 The rhythm checkers long tall sally
    9. 9 The pieces fit pieces fit
    10. 10 Paul & johnny with the blue jets i like it
    11. 11 The robots it's hard to say
    12. 12 The rhythms everytime
    13. 13 The party brothers our love is gone
    14. 14 Phase 4 listen to the blues
    15. 15 Cool stove big sensation
    16. 16 Tommy scott i can only give you everything