Think Me A Kiss: Rock'n'Roll Songs Of Happiness

    Think Me A Kiss: Rock'n'Roll Songs Of Happiness
    CD (Compact Disc)

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      • Label: Atomicat
      • Bestellnummer: 10397380
      • Erscheinungstermin: 19.2.2021
      • Tracklisting
      1. 1 Little Frankie Brunson (Big Daddy): How Can I Please You
      2. 2 The Charmers-Oh! Yes
      3. 3 The Sparks: A Cuddle And A Kiss
      4. 4 David Gates: The Happiest Man Alive
      5. 5 Clyde McPhatter: Think Me A Kiss
      6. 6 The Four Marksmen: The Birth Of Love
      7. 7 The Harris Sisters: Kissin' Bug
      8. 8 Sylvester Bradford: I Like Girls
      9. 9 Ruth Brown: Hello Little Boy
      10. 10 John T. Webster III and Anna: Gotta Make Love To You
      11. 11 Sticks and Bricks: Kiss The Pretty Girl Twice
      12. 12 Sanford Clark: Ooo Baby
      13. 13 Sleepy La Beff: You're So Easy To Love
      14. 14 Murray Schaff and His Aristocrats: Ooh How I Love You
      15. 15 Ella Mae Morse: When Boy Kiss Girl (It's Love)
      16. 16 Glen Ayers feat. Red Simpson and The Keynotes: Sweet Love
      17. 17 The Squires: Sweet Girl
      18. 18 Stanley Mitchell and The Tornados: Would You, Could You
      19. 19 Jay B. Loyd: Cross My Heart
      20. 20 Ray Pennington and His Western Rhythm Boys: My Steady Baby 21
      21. 21 The Kents I Found My Girl
      22. 22 The Tenderfoots: Kissing Bug
      23. 23 LaVern Baker and Ben E. King: A Help Each Other Romance 24
      24. 24 Vilas Craig and The Vi Counts: My Heart
      25. 25 Gary Dale: Pretty Baby
      26. 26 Clyde McPhatter and Ruth Brown: I Gotta Have You
      27. 27 Sylvester Bradford: Live Just To Love You
      28. 28 Dorian Burton: I Want You
      29. 29 The Casuals: I Love My Darling
      30. 30 Cornell Gunter: You Send Me