Little Of What You Fancy D

    Little Of What You Fancy D
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      1. 1 A little of what you fancy
      2. 2 The pain having passed as rapidly as it had shot through him...
      3. 3 Ma not speaking, serenely poured champagne
      4. 4 Ma, however, was not to be bought off
      5. 5 A second rising wae of wind stuck in the lower part of Pop's...
      6. 6 Long, long later - He never knew how long it was
      7. 7 Down in the village, in her gimcrack little cottage
      8. 8 To her dismay Miss Pilchester abruptly realised that...

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      1. 1 Totally unaware for the next few minutes of where she was
      2. 2 Now, now, what's it all about? The landlord said...
      3. 3 At regular intervals throughout the rest of the day...
      4. 4 Ma, having now finishd making the last of her curd tarts...
      5. 5 The laughter having at last calmed down...
      6. 6 Three mornings later Pop woke to see a clear
      7. 7 And now, Mr. Larkin, do we wish the bottle?
      8. 8 I'm afraid I can't stand here all day, Mr. Larkin

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      1. 1 By next morning Nurse Soper had departed
      2. 2 Trust my girl friend. She may go in for sport
      3. 3 Sister Trevelyan was rather less like a girl
      4. 4 Vanessa - at least I hope I may call you Vanessa...
      5. 5 Primrose soon enlightened him
      6. 6 It was soon after five o'clock that same afternoon...
      7. 7 At this Pop gave the strongest, healthiest laugh...
      8. 8 To all this Sister Trevelyan

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      1. 1 Angela came to sit on the edge of the bed
      2. 2 Pop must set his sights on something far beyond the confines
      3. 3 Ma was sometimes very critical...
      4. 4 "The tigers of wrath", she said, "are wiser than the hoses..."
      5. 5 The eventual effect of Mr. Charlton's inspired decision...
      6. 6 Ma, sipping tea, waited for some elaboration of the word
      7. 7 Ma, the Brigadier and Pop waited with equal, silent...
      8. 8 It was the recollection oft the visit of a man form the ministry

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      1. 1 In the early days of his illness Pop had once or twice...
      2. 2 Ever since the morning when she had decided...
      3. 3 Even in circumstances so ghastly...
      4. 4 There were three reasons why Ma was glad...
      5. 5 Oh! No, please, Mrs. Larkin. Call me Furly. Everybody does.
      6. 6 As the meal wen on and on it struck the little Miss Barnwells

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      1. 1 It was now Mr. Charlton, as so often in the past
      2. 2 Beautiful port, isn't it? Nectar.
      3. 3 Where are the lilies?
      4. 4 He had listened, in his time, to objectors
      5. 5 Very nice day, Pop