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    : Kidnapped, CD,CD


    When the naïve David Balfour sets out on his quest for a long-lost relative, a terrifying chain of events is set in motion. He is plunged into a world of infamy and violence from which there seems no esca…

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    : Napoleon in a Nutshell, CD

    Napoleon in a Nutshell

    Product Information: Napoleon is one of the giants of modern history. From the last days of the French Revolution to the epochal battle of Waterloo he bestrode the political landscape of Europe like a…

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    : Othello 3D, CD,CD,CD

    Othello 3D

    This widely-studied play is one of the best sellers of the Shakespeare canon. This production is the sixth Shakespeare play in the series undertaken by Naxos AudioBooks in conjunction with Cambridge Unive…

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