Filmmusik: Greatest Songs From The Musicals

Filmmusik: Greatest Songs From The Musicals
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  • Label: UnionSquare
  • Bestellnummer: 6432973
  • Erscheinungstermin: 13.1.2009
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Disk 1 von 3

  1. 1 Caroline O'Connor: Aquarius (from Musical "Hair")
  2. 2 Ethan Freeman: If I Can't Love Her (From Musical "Beauty And The Beast")
  3. 3 Katrina Murphy: I Could Have Danced All Night (From Musical "My Fair Lady")
  4. 4 John Barrowman: Can You Feel The Love Tonight (From Musical "The Lion King")
  5. 5 Catherine Porter: What I Did For Love (From Musical "A Chorus Line")
  6. 6 Gary Mauer: This Is The Moment (from musical "Jekyll & Hyde")
  7. 7 All That Jazz (From Musical "Chicago")
  8. 8 Ethan Freeman: The Impossible Dream (From Musical "Man Of La Mancha")
  9. 9 Broadway Company 1997: America (from Musical "West side story")
  10. 10 Browman, Simon & Triplett, Sally Ann: Written in the stars (from Musical "Aida")
  11. 11 Jerry Lanning: Mame (From Musical "Mame")
  12. 12 Thomas Allen: Some enchanted evening (from Musical "South Pacific")
  13. 13 Leslie Uggams: I Am What I Am (From Musical "La Cage Aux Folles")
  14. 14 Sean McDermott: One Song Glory (From Musical "Rent")

Disk 2 von 3

  1. 1 The phantom of the opera (from Musical "The phantom of the opera")
  2. 2 Jacqui Scott: I dreamed a dream on (from Musical "Les miserables")
  3. 3 Ethan Freeman: Bui doi (from Musical "Miss Saigon")
  4. 4 Issy van Randwyck: As long as he needs me (from Musical "Oliver!")
  5. 5 The Time Warp (From Musical "The Rocky Horror Show")
  6. 6 Kim Criswell: Memory (from Musical "Cats")
  7. 7 Graham Bickley: Why God Why? (from Musical "Miss Saigon")
  8. 8 I Know Him So Well (From Musical "Chess")
  9. 9 West End Company 2001: One day more (from Musical "Les miserables")
  10. 10 Dominic Curtis: Peggy Sue (From Musical "Buddy")
  11. 11 Graham Bickley: Empty chairs at empty tables (from Musical "Les miserables")
  12. 12 Caroline O'Connor: Dancing Queen (From Musical "Mamma Mia!")
  13. 13 All I ask of you (from Musical "The phantom of the opera")
  14. 14 West End Company 2001: We Will Rock You (From Musical "We Will Rock You")

Disk 3 von 3

  1. 1 Hollywood Company 2002: It's a grand night for singing (from Musical "State fair")
  2. 2 Jerry Lanning: If I Were A Rich Man (From Musical "Fiddler On The Roof")
  3. 3 Ethan Freeman: I talk to the trees (from Musical "Paint your wagon")
  4. 4 Gilhao Bevan: Over The Rainbow (From Musical "The Wizard Of Oz")
  5. 5 Hal Fawler: Bless your beautiful hide (from Musical "Seven brides for seven brothers")
  6. 6 John Barrowman: Grease (from Musical "Grease")
  7. 7 A Woman In Love (From Musical "Guys And Dolls")
  8. 8 Debbie Gravitte: Secret Love (From Musical "Calamity Jane")
  9. 9 Hollywood Company 1998: Quintet from West Side Story (from Musical "West side story")
  10. 10 Salena Jones (geb. 1944): I Will Always Love You (From Musical "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas")
  11. 11 Pryce, Jonathan And Friedman, Maria: Money Money (From Musical "Cabaret")
  12. 12 Jacqui Dankworth (geb. 1963): If my friends could see me now (from Musical "Sweet charity")
  13. 13 Ron Moody: Thank Heaven For Little Girls (From Musical "Gigi")
  14. 14 Paul Robinson: Singin' in the rain (from Musical "Singin' in the rain")