The Red Krayola: Fingerpainting

LP (Long Play)

Die gute alte Vinyl - Langspielplatte.

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Portofrei innerhalb Deutschlands
  • Label: Drag City, 1999
  • Bestellnummer: 2497337
  • Erscheinungstermin: 17.8.2016

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  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 George III
  2. 2 Bad Medicine
  3. 3 A Hybrid Creature Of Greed, Ignorance And Powers Of Comprehension Plays A Vaulted Drum Kit. The Playing Corresponds Completely To The Event. There Are Entrances And Exits. And There Is Gravitation, Where It Is Needed - Tears For Example.
  4. 4 There There Betty Betty
  5. 5 The Greed Of A Clarinet That Is Puffy From Crying Gets Tossed In Butter And Spread By Notes. This Process Depresses The Entire Orchestra So Much That It Only Plays Behind A Golden Partition. The Partition Is Decorated With Semi-Precious Attractive Diamonds.
  6. 6 Vile Vile Grass
  7. 7 A Sow With An Abbess's Bonnet Is Sitting On Four Rock-Objects And Singing Along With Them. The Song Sounds Like A Cheater, And Is Imprisoned
  8. 8 In A Striped Toy Box Because Its Aims Are Not Recognizable. On Top Of The Box Is A Head That Could Be Elvis's, If He Had Survived This.
  9. 9 Mother
  10. 10 Out Of A Trombone That Is Divided Lengthways By A Partition Of Gold Sound Seven Violins Of Dynamite That Are Cut Sideways Into Thin Slices. They Are Played By The Thrown Out Ex-Members Of A Very Bad Band And Blown Up.
  11. 11 In My Baby's Ruth, Sandy's Drums With David & Shadwell, Filthy Lucre.