• Label: Repertoire, 1973
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 23.1.2009
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Steamhammer war eine der besten Blues Rock Bands in den späten Sechzigern. Mit „Speech“ liegt das letzte Album und ein weiterer Meilenstein der Band vor, zumal es mehr in die progressive Rock-Richtung driftete, was sicherlich auch an der Umbesetzung der Band lag.

Wer Steamhammer in seinem Plattenschrank stehen hat, muss diese mit dazustellen.


Hammering out the blues with locomotive power, Steamhammer was one of the best British groups of the late Sixties. A hugely popular touring outfit they featured lead guitarist Martin Pugh, who is showcased on ‘Speech’ which proved to be the band’s final album after its original release in 1972. The band was moving towards a more progressive rock style by the time they recorded ‘Speech’ and had undergone a few changes of personnel. Among the final recruits was bass guitarist Louis Cennamo who gives his personal memories of the final period in the band’s career in an interview for the CD liner notes. This three-track album includes the extended work ‘Penumbra’ and is sparked by the drumming of Mick Bradley who passed away shortly afterwards and whose early death contributed to the break up of a fondly remembered group.
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  1. 1 Entrance
  2. 2 Battlements
  3. 3 Passage To Remorse
  4. 4 Sightless Substance
  5. 5 Mortal Thought
  1. 6 Telegram (Nature's mischief)
  2. 7 For against

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