The group was born in 1969 and evolved into one of the most successful rock bands of the Seventies. Marriott was the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from the Small Faces. Frampton was the glamorous pop idol from The Herd, also a fine singer and guitarist. Together with Greg Ridley (bass) and Jerry Shirley (drums), they created a charismatic unit that set out to conquer the charts with a succession of hot recordings. This debut album, was originally released on Andrew Oldham’s Immediate label. The original ten LP tracks include a blend of raunchy ravers and ballads that define the band’s organic rock sound, such as ‘Desperation’ and ‘Stick Shift’. We have included 2 bonus items: ‘Natural Born Boogie’, their Top Five single, together with its B-side ‘Wrist Job’ - a typically Marriott-inspired song title - and original artwork, lyrics and definitive liner notes by Chris Welch, who often interviewed the group and was present at their first rehearsals and gigs – including a memorable debut at a riotous Belgian rock festival!
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Desperation
  2. 2 Stick shift
  3. 3 Buttermilk boy
  4. 4 Growing closer
  5. 5 As safe as yesterday is
  6. 6 Bang!
  7. 7 Alabama 69
  8. 8 I'll go alone
  9. 9 A nifty little number like you
  10. 10 What you will
  11. 11 Natural born boogie (Single A-side)
  12. 12 Wrist job (Single B-side)

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