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The glory of Ancient Greece is all around us, even in the 21st century, because Greece was the cradle of Western civilisation. We know about the gods and their characters-Zeus, Athene, Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite-and their heroes, both legendary (Heracles) and historical (Alexander the Great). Architecture, mathematics, politics, philosophy, observation of nature and the cosmos and much more emerged in Ancient Greece. Hugh Griffith's entertaining but informative account of the people and the history places it all in perspective. An outstanding introduction for younger listeners.
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  1. 1 The Glory of Ancient Greece By Hugh Griffith - Introduction
  2. 2 Of All their Myths, the One That Everyone Knew Best...
  3. 3 Aristocrats, Games and the Wider Greek World...
  4. 4 The Cities That Sent Competitors...
  5. 5 Sparta and Athens
  6. 6 And Then There Was Another Class...
  7. 7 The Oracle at Delphi
  8. 8 But it Was Also a Very Special Place.
  9. 9 The First Persian Invasion - Marathon
  10. 10 Darius Hoped the Greeks Might Be So Afraid of Him...
  11. 11 Second Persian Invasion
  12. 12 The Spartans at Thermpylae Had Shown the Greeks How to Fight

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