Georg Friedrich Händel: Samson

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      • Künstler: Lawrence Zazzo, Klara Ek, Matthew Newlin, Luigi Di Donato, Choeur de Chambre de Namur, Millenium Orchestra, Leonardo Garcia Alarcon
      • Label: Ricercar, DDD, 2019
      • Bestellnummer: 9895914
      • Erscheinungstermin: 3.7.2020
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      Disk 1 von 2

      Samson, Act I
      1. 1 Overture
      Samson, Act I, Scene 1
      1. 2 I. Recitative. "This day, a solemn feast to Dagon held"
      2. 3 II. Chorus. "Awake the trumpet's lofty sound!"
      3. 4 Iii. Air. "ye Men Of Gaza, Hither Bring"
      4. 5 IV. Chorus. "Awake the trumpet's lofty sound!"
      5. 6 V. Recitative. "Why by an angel was my birth foretold"
      Samson, Act I, Scene 2
      1. 7 I. Recitative. "Oh, change beyond report"
      2. 8 II. Recitative. "Whom have I to complain of but myself"
      3. 9 Iii. Air. "total Eclipse!"
      4. 10 IV. Accompagnato. "Since light so necessary is to life"
      5. 11 V. Chorus. "O first created beam!"
      6. 12 VI. Recitative. "Ye see, my friends, how woes enclose me round"
      Samson, Act I, Scene 3
      1. 13 I. Air. "Thy glorious deeds inspir'd my tongue"
      2. 14 II. Accompagnato. "To sorrow now I tune"
      3. 15 Iii. Recitative. "justly These Evils Have Befall'n Thy Son"
      4. 16 IV. Accompagnato. "My genial spirits droop, my hopes are fled"
      5. 17 V. Chorus. "Then round about the starry throne"
      Samson, Act II, Scene 1
      1. 18 I. Recitative and Air. "Trust yet in God! - Return, O God of hosts! Behold"
      Samson, Act II, Scene 2
      1. 19 I. Recitative. "But who is this, that so bedeck'd and gay"
      2. 20 II. Recitative. "With doubtful feet"
      3. 21 Iii. Air. "with Plaintive Notes And Am'rous Moan"
      4. 22 IV. Recitative. "Did love constrain thee?"
      5. 23 V. Air. "Your charms to ruin led the way"
      6. 24 VI. Recitative. "Forgive what's done, nor think of what's past cure"
      7. 25 Vii. Air. "my Faith And Truth, O Samson"
      8. 26 Viii. Air. "to Fleeting Pleasures Make Your Court"
      9. 27 IX. Chorus of virgins. "Her faith and truth, oh Samson"

      Disk 2 von 2

      1. 1 X. Recitative. "Ne'er think of that!"
      2. 2 XI. Duet. "Traitor to love!" - "Traitress to love!"
      Samson, Act II, Scene 3
      1. 3 I. Recitative. "She's gone!"
      2. 4 II. Chorus of Israelites. "To man God's universal law"
      Samson, Act II, Scene 4
      1. 5 I. Recitative. "No words of peace"
      2. 6 II. Air. "Honour and arms scorn such a foe"
      3. 7 Iii. Recitative. "cam'st Thou For This, Vain Boaster?"
      4. 8 IV. Duet. "Go, baffled coward, go" - "Presume no on thy God"
      5. 9 V. Recitative. "Here lies the proof"
      6. 10 VI. Chorus of Israelites. "Hear, Jacob's God, Jehovah, hear!"
      7. 11 Vii. Recitative. "dagon, Arise, Attend Thy Sacred Feast!"
      8. 12 Viii. Air. "to Song And Dance We Give The Day"
      9. 13 IX. Chorus of Philistines. "To song and dance we give the day"
      10. 14 X. Chorus of Israelites and Philistines. "Fix'd in his everlasting seat"
      Samson, Act Iii, Scene 1
      1. 15 I. Recitative. "More trouble is behind"
      2. 16 II. Air. "Presuming slave, to move their wrath!"
      3. 17 Iii. Recitative. "reflect Then. Samson, Matters Now Are"
      4. 18 IV. Chorus of Israelites. "With thunder arm'd, great God, arise!"
      5. 19 V. Recitative. "Be of good courage, I begin to feel"
      6. 20 VI. Air. "Thus when the sun from's wat'ry bed"
      7. 21 Vii. Accompagnato. "with Might Endu'd Above The Sons Of Men"
      8. 22 Viii. Air And Chorus. "the Holy One Of Israel Be Thy Guide"
      Samson, Act Iii, Scene 2
      1. 23 I. Recitative. "Old Manoah, with youthful steps"
      2. 24 II. Air. "Great Dagon has subdu'd our foe"
      3. 25 Iii. Recitative. "what Noise Of Joy Was That?"
      4. 26 IV. Air. "How willing my paternal love"
      5. 27 V. Recitative. "Your hopes of his deliv'ry seem not vain"
      6. 28 VI. Recitative. "Noise call you this?"
      Samson, Act Iii, Scene 3
      1. 29 I. Air & Chorus. "Ye sons of lsrael, now lament"
      2. 30 II. Symphony. Dead March
      3. 31 Iii. Recitative. "the Body Comes"
      4. 32 IV. Air & Chorus. "Glorious hero, may thy grave"
      5. 33 V. Recitativo & Chorus of Virgins. "May evr'y hero fal like thee"
      6. 34 VI. Chorus of virgins. "Bring the laurels, bring the bays"
      7. 35 Vii. Recitative. "come, Come! No Time For Lamentation Now"
      8. 36 Viii. Air. "let The Bright Seraphim In Burning Row"
      9. 37 IX. Chorus of Israelites. "Let their celestial concerts all unite"