Granville Bantock: Omar Khayyam

    Omar Khayyam
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    • +Fifine at the Fair; Sappho für Mezzosopran & Orchester; The Pierrot of the Minute
    • Künstler: Sarah Walker, Johanna Peters, Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Brian Rayner Cook, BBC Singers, BBC Symphony Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Norman del Mar
    • Label: Lyrita, ADD, 1979/1968
    • Bestellnummer: 3615149
    • Erscheinungstermin: 8.7.2016
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    Disk 1 von 4

    Omar Khayyám (Gesamtaufnahme)
    1. 1 Prelude (1. Teil)
    2. 2 Chor: Wake! For the Sun, who scattered into flight - Chor und Soli: Before the phantom of false morning died - ...
    3. 3 Solo: Now the new year reviving old desires - Iram indeed is gone with all his rose - And David's lips are lockt - ...
    4. 4 Solo: Each morn a thousand roses brings, you say - Chor: What have we to do with Kaikobad the Great - Solo: With me...
    5. 5 Chor: Some for the glories of this world; and some - Solo: Look to the blowing rose about us - Lo - Solo: And those...
    6. 6 Solo: I sometimes think that never blows so red - Solo: And this reviving herb whose tender green - Solo: Ah, my...
    7. 7 Solo: Alike for those who for to-day prepare - Solo: Why, all the saints and sages who discuss'd - Myself when young...
    8. 8 Solo: Then Of The Thee In Me Who Works Behind - The To The Lip Of This Poor Earthern Urn - Solo: I Think The Vessel, ...
    9. 9 Solo: As the the tulip for her morning sup - Perplext no more with human or divine - Solo: And if the wine you drink...

    Disk 2 von 4

    1. 1 Interlude: The desert - The caravan - Chor: A moment's halt - A momentary taste (2. Teil)
    2. 2 Solo: Would you that spangle of existence spend - A hair perhaps divides the false and true - Whose secret presence, ...
    3. 3 Interlude
    4. 4 Solo: You know, my friends, with what a brave carouse - For "is" and "is-not" though with rule and line - Ah, but my...
    5. 5 Solo: Why, be this juice the growth of God, who dare - I must abjure the balm of life, I must - Chor: Oh threats of...
    6. 6 Solo: I sent my sould through the invisible - Chor: Heav'n but the vision of fulfill'd desire - We are no other than...
    7. 7 Solo: The moving finger writes; and, having writ - Duett: And that inverted bowl we call the sky - Solo: With Earth's...
    8. 8 Terzett: What! Out of senseless nothing to provoke - What! From his helpless creature be repaid - Quartett: Oh Thou, ...

    Disk 3 von 4

    1. 1 Introduction: The Fast of Ramazán - Worshippers in the mosque (3. Teil)
    2. 2 Solo: As under cover of departing day - Chor: Shape of all sorts and sizes, great and small - Solo: The said a second...
    3. 3 Solo: Ah, with the grape my fading life provide - That ev'n my buried ashes such a snare - Indeed the idol I have...
    4. 4 Duett: Yet ah, that spring should vanish with the rose! - Solo: Would but the desert of the fountain yield - Solo: ...
    5. 5 Chor und Terzett: Yon rising moon that looks for us again - And when like her, oh Sáki, you shall pass
    6. 6 Fifine at the Fair (A Defence of Inconstancy)

    Disk 4 von 4

    Sappho (Vorspiel und 9 Fragmente für Sopran und Orchester) (Auszug)
    1. 1 Vorspiel
    2. 2 Nr. 1 Hymn to Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus
    3. 3 Nr. 2 I loved thee once, Atthis, long ago
    4. 4 Nr. 3 Evening song
    5. 5 Nr. 5 The moon has set
    6. 6 Nr. 6 Peer of Gods he seems
    7. 7 Nr. 9 Muse of the Golden Throne
    1. 8 The Pierrot of the Minute (Ouvertüre)