John Blow: Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell

    Ode on the Death of Henry Purcell
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    • +Begin the Song!; The Nymphs of the wells; Dread Sir, the Prince of Light; Chaconne G-Dur a 4; Ground g-moll; Sonate A-Dur
    • Künstler: Samuel Boden, Thomas Walker, Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen
    • Label: Hyperion, DDD, 2016
    • Bestellnummer: 7505128
    • Erscheinungstermin: 6.10.2017
    • Tracklisting
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    • Mitwirkende
    Begin the Song! (Ode)
    1. 1 Ouvertüre
    2. 2 Solo und Tutti: Begin the Song! your instruments advance
    3. 3 Solo und Tutti: Bring gentlest thoughts, that into language glide
    4. 4 Duett: Hark how the waken'd strings resound
    5. 5 Solo und Tutti: By harmony's entrancing power
    6. 6 Duett: How dull were life, how hardly worth our care
    7. 7 Solo: Without the sweets of melody
    8. 8 Solo: Music's the cordial of a troubled breast
    9. 9 Tutti: Come then, with tuneful breath and string
    1. 10 Chaconne a 4 G-Dur
    An Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell (Ode)
    1. 11 Duett: Mark how the lark and linnet sing
    2. 12 Duett: But in the close of night
    3. 13 Solo: So ceas'd the rival crew when Purcell came
    4. 14 Solo: We bag not hel our Orpheus to restore
    5. 15 Solo: The power of harmony too well they know
    6. 16 Duett: The heavenly choir, who heard his notes from high
    7. 17 Duett: Ye brethren of thy lyre, and tuneful voice
    1. 18 Ground d-moll
    The Nymphs of the wells
    1. 19 Duett: The Nymphs of the wells, and the Nymphs of the hills
    2. 20 Duett: But here comes a Druid and we must retire
    3. 21 Duett: Blest be this morn, blest be the hand
    4. 22 Tutti: We Nymohs of the founts and we of the mounts
    Sonate A-Dur
    1. 23 1. Slow
    2. 24 2. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
    3. 25 3. Brisk
    Dread Sir, the Prince of Light
    1. 26 Sinfonie
    2. 27 Trio: Dread Sir, the Prince of Light begins to rise
    3. 28 Solo und Tutti: Let no disloyd cares his peace destroy
    4. 29 Solo, Trio und Tutti: This message we bring