Mary Carewe - Long ago and far away (Classic Songs of Love and Romance)

    Mary Carewe - Long ago and far away (Classic Songs of Love and Romance)
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Long ago (and far away); The Very Thought of you; They all laughed; Someone to watch over me; The Way you look tonight; A Fine Romance; My Funny Valentine; I could write a Book; How about you; They can't take that away from me; Where or when; Ev'rytime we say goodbye; The Folks who live on the Hill; It had to be you; What'll I do; All the things you are; Our Love is here to stay; A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square; Don't get around much anymore
    • Künstler: Mary Carewe, Graham Bickley, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Balcombe
    • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2021
    • Bestellnummer: 10696485
    • Erscheinungstermin: 8.10.2021
    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Jerome Kern: Long ago (and far away) (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    2. 2 Ray Noble: The very thought of you (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    3. 3 George & Ira Gershwin: They all laughed (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    4. 4 George & Ira Gershwin: Someone to watch over me (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    5. 5 Jerome Kern: The way you look tonight (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    6. 6 Jerome Kern: A fine romance (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    7. 7 Richard Rodgers: My funny Valentine (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    8. 8 Richard Rodgers: I could write a book (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    9. 9 Burton Lane: How about you? (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    10. 10 George & Ira Gershwin: They can't take that away from me (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    11. 11 Richard Rodgers: Where or when (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    12. 12 Cole Porter: Ev'rytime we say goodbye (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    13. 13 Jerome Kern: The folks who live on the hill (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    14. 14 Isham Jones: It had to be you (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    15. 15 Irving Berlin: What'll I do? (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    16. 16 Jerome Kern: All the things you are (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    17. 17 George & Ira Gershwin: Our love is here to stay (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    18. 18 Manning Sherwin: A nightingale sank in Berkeley Square (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)
    19. 19 Duke Ellington: Don't get around much anymore (bearb. von Richard Balcombe)