Jean Sibelius: Kullervo-Symphonie op.7

Kullervo-Symphonie op.7
CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Artists: Helena Juntunen, Benjamin Appl, Lund Male Chorus, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Dausgaard
    • Label: Hyperion, DDD, 2018
    • Order number: 9131810
    • Release date: 5.7.2019
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    Kullervo, Op 7
    1. 1 Movement 1. Introduction. Allegro moderato
    2. 2 Movement 2. Kullervo's youth. Kullervon nuoruus: Grave
    3. 3 Movement 3. Kullervo and his sister. Kullervo ja hänen sisarensa: Allegro vivace
    4. 4 Movement 4. Kullervo goes to war. Kullervon sotaanlähtö: Alla marcia - Vivace - Presto
    5. 5 Movement 5. Kullervo's death. Kullervon kuolema: Andante