Alfred Cellier: Dorothy

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  • Alfred Cellier was a contemporary of Arthur Sullivan as a Chapel Royal chorister, and would later conduct several Gilbert and Sullivan productions. With its rural tale of disguise and romantic scheming, its jaunty tunes, lively characters and farcical comedy, Cellier’s light opera, Dorothy, has been almost entirely forgotten today. It had the longest run of any 19th-century piece of musical theatre, seeing off The Mikado and Ruddigore, and became such a popular hit in its day that the box office profits were able to fund the building of the Lyric Theatre on London’s Shaftsbury Avenue. The work is receiving on this release its world premiere recording, presented by The Victorian Opera.
  • Künstler: Majella Cullagh, Lucy Vallis, Stephanie Maitland, Matt Mears, Victorian Opera Orchestra, Richard Bonynge
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2018
  • Bestellnummer: 8853836
  • Erscheinungstermin: 11.1.2019
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Dorothy (Komische Oper in 3 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
  1. 1 Ouvertüre
  2. 2 Lads and lasses round about (1. Akt)
  3. 3 Be wise in time, oh Phyllis
  4. 4 We're sorry to delay you
  5. 5 With such a dainty dame
  6. 6 A father's pride and joy
  7. 7 I am the Sheriff's faithful man
  8. 8 You swear to be good and true
  9. 9 Under the pump
  10. 10 Now take your seats
  11. 11 Country dance (2. Akt)
  12. 12 Though born a man
  13. 13 Entrance music
  14. 14 Graceful dance
  15. 15 Contentment I give you
  16. 16 Now let's to bed
  17. 17 One moment, pray
  18. 18 Queen of my heart
  19. 19 Are you sure?
  20. 20 What noise was that
  21. 21 Hark for'ard, away!
  22. 22 Ballett (3. Akt)
  23. 23 Dance of the peasants
  24. 24 The time has come
  25. 25 What joy untold
  26. 26 You swore to be good and true