Henry Purcell: Lieder "The Cares of Lovers"

    Lieder "The Cares of Lovers"
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    • The cares of lovers; Sweeter than roses; From silent shades; Retir'd from mortal's sight; Celia has a thousand charms; Dear pretty youth; A Ground in Gamut; If music be the food of love; O solitude, my sweetest choice; Hears not my Phillis; O lead me to some peaceful gloom; She loves and she confesses too; Ground; Tell me, some pitying angel; Music for a while; The fatal hour comes on apace; Thou wakeful shepherd; Now that the sun hath veiled his light
    • Künstler: Rowan Pierce (Sopran), Richard Egarr (Cembalo), William Carter (Laute / Theorbe), Academy of Ancient Music
    • Label: Linn, DDD, 2018
    • Bestellnummer: 8954997
    • Erscheinungstermin: 8.3.2019
    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 The History of Timon of Athens, The Man-Hater, Z. 632: The Cares of Lovers
    2. 2 Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, Z. 585: Sweeter Than Roses
    3. 3 From Silent Shades "Bess of Bedlam", Z. 370
    4. 4 The History of King Richard the Second, Z. 581: Retir'd from Mortal's Sight
    5. 5 The Rival Sisters, or The Violence of Love, Z. 609: Celia Has a Thousand Charms
    6. 6 The Tempest, Z. 631: Dear Pretty Youth
    7. 7 A Ground in Gamut, Z. 645
    8. 8 If Music Be the Food of Love, Z. 379c
    9. 9 O Solitude, My Sweetest Choice, Z. 406
    10. 10 Hears Not My Phillis "The Knotting Song", Z. 371
    11. 11 Bonduca, or The British Heroine, Z. 574: O Lead Me to Some Peaceful Gloom
    12. 12 She Loves and She Confesses Too, Z. 413
    13. 13 Ground, ZD. 222
    14. 14 Tell Me, Some Pitying Angel "The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation", Z. 196
    15. 15 Oedipus, King of Thebes, Z. 583: Music for a While
    16. 16 The Fatal Hour Comes on Apace, Z. 421
    17. 17 Thou Wakeful Shepherd "A Morning Hymn", Z. 198
    18. 18 Now That the Sun Hath Veiled His Light "An Evening Hymn on a Ground", Z. 193