• Künstler: Jose van Dam, Elena Kelessidi, Philip Sheffield, Flanders Opera Symphony Orchestra, Edwig Abrath
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 1625543
  • Erscheinungstermin: 16.1.2009


In his lavishly scored oratorio The Liturgy of Orpheus Yannis Markopoulos combines fragments of Orphic poems with a narrative text by Panos Theodoridis to create a work brimming with melodies, rhythms and instrumental tone colours, including those of guitar, lute, kanonaki, lyre, harp and piano, beside full symphony orchestra, chorus, soloists and narrator. Inspired by "the eloquent silence of ancient texts", The Liturgy of Orpheus is a remarkable song of the earth that revitalises the myth of the prophet-musician for those who seek the restoration of the natural environment."
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 The Liturgy of Orpheus: I. Orpheus on Olympus
  2. 2 The Liturgy of Orpheus: II. Paean - Ode to Apollo
  3. 3 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Iii. The Lyre In The Hands Of Orpheus
  4. 4 The Liturgy of Orpheus: IV. Gaia, Mother Earth
  5. 5 The Liturgy of Orpheus: V. Hymn to the Sky
  6. 6 The Liturgy of Orpheus: VI. Hymn to the Sea
  7. 7 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Vii. Hyperion
  8. 8 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Viii. Orpheus In Hades
  9. 9 The Liturgy of Orpheus: IX. Eurydice Awaits
  10. 10 The Liturgy of Orpheus: X. Love Has Come
  11. 11 The Liturgy of Orpheus: XI. Curetes - Corybants
  12. 12 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xii. Bacchic Dance
  13. 13 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xiii. Orpheus And The Furies
  14. 14 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xiv. The Muses Of Pieria
  15. 15 The Liturgy of Orpheus: XV. In the Manner of Love
  16. 16 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xvi. Oh Physis - Hymn To Nature
  17. 17 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xvii. The Fates
  18. 18 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xviii. The Temple Of Orpheus
  19. 19 The Liturgy Of Orpheus: Xix. Paean - Epilogue

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