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    The Naxos Book of Carols

    The Naxos Book of Carols
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • O come, o come, Emmanuel; Of the Father's heart begotten; O quickliy come; Verbum Patris umanatur, O, O; Lo!He comes; The holly and the ivy; Lo, there a rose is blooming; Alleluya - a new work; Ding!Dong!Merrily on high; While shepherds watched; The Song of Angels; Hark!the herald angels sing; Silent night; Away in a manger; Baby Jesus, hush!now sheep; O little town of Bethlehem; Jesu, mthe very thought is sweet; O come, all ye faithful; Personent hodie; In dulci jubilo; Good King Wenceslas; We three kings of Orient are; I saw three ships come sailing in; Hail to the Lord's Anointed
    • Künstler: Tonus Peregrinus, Antony Pitts
    • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2003
    • Bestellnummer: 4035305
    • Erscheinungstermin: 4.10.2004
    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): O come, o come, Emmanuel (arr. A. Pitts)
    2. 2 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Of the Father's heart begotten (arr. A. Pitts)
    3. 3 Tonus Peregrinus: O quickly come
    4. 4 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Verbum Patris umanatur, O, O (arr. A. Pitts)
    5. 5 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Lo! He comes (arr. A. Pitts)
    6. 6 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): The holly and the ivy (arr. A. Pitts)
    7. 7 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (arr. A. Pitts): Lo, there a Rose is blooming (arr. A. Pitts)
    8. 8 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Alleluya - a new work (arr. A. Pitts)
    9. 9 Tonus Peregrinus: Ding! dong! merrily on high (arr. A. Pitts)
    10. 10 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): While shepherds watched (arr. A. Pitts)
    11. 11 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): The Song of Angels (arr. A. Pitts)
    12. 12 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Hark! the herald angels sing (arr. A. Pitts)
    13. 13 Tonus Peregrinus: Silent Night (arr. A. Pitts)
    14. 14 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Away in a manger (arr. A. Pitts)
    15. 15 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Baby Jesus, hush! now sleep (arr. A. Pitts)
    16. 16 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): O little town of Bethlehem (arr. A. Pitts): O Little Town of Bethlehem (arr. A. Pitts)
    17. 17 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Jesu, the very thought is sweet (arr. A. Pitts)
    18. 18 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Adeste fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) (arr. A. Pitts): O come, all ye faithful (arr. A. Pitts)
    19. 19 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Personent hodie (arr. A. Pitts)
    20. 20 Tonus Peregrinus: In dulci jubilo (arr. A. Pitts)
    21. 21 Tonus Peregrinus: Good King Wenceslas (arr. A. Pitts)
    22. 22 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): We Three Kings of Orient Are (arr. A. Pitts): We three kings of Orient are (arr. A. Pitts)
    23. 23 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): I saw three ships come sailing in (arr. A. Pitts)
    24. 24 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Hail to the Lord's Anointed (arr. A. Pitts)