O come, o come, Emmanuel; Of the Father's heart begotten; O quickliy come; Verbum Patris umanatur, O, O; Lo!He comes; The holly and the ivy; Lo, there a rose is blooming; Alleluya - a new work; Ding!Dong!Merrily on high; While shepherds watched; The Song of Angels; Hark!the herald angels sing; Silent night; Away in a manger; Baby Jesus, hush!now sheep; O little town of Bethlehem; Jesu, mthe very thought is sweet; O come, all ye faithful; Personent hodie; In dulci jubilo; Good King Wenceslas; We three kings of Orient are; I saw three ships come sailing in; Hail to the Lord's Anointed
  • Künstler: Tonus Peregrinus, Antony Pitts
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2003
  • Bestellnummer: 4035305
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.10.2004


The Naxos Book of Carols is a collection of both the very old and very new. It is a selection of best-loved and new-found carols, drawing on centuries of tradition. The settings are all new, commissioned by Naxos for this recording (scores available for download from www. naxoscarols. com in association with Faber Music). The carols unfold in four narrative sequences each focusing on a different part of the Christmas Story - from The Hope of Advent to the announcements of The Message, the joy of the birth of The Baby and the celebration of the coming of The King of Kings. There are 24 carols, one for each day of Advent.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): O come, o come, Emmanuel (arr. A. Pitts)
  2. 2 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Of the Father's heart begotten (arr. A. Pitts)
  3. 3 Tonus Peregrinus: O quickly come
  4. 4 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Verbum Patris umanatur, O, O (arr. A. Pitts)
  5. 5 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Lo! He comes (arr. A. Pitts)
  6. 6 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): The holly and the ivy (arr. A. Pitts)
  7. 7 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (arr. A. Pitts): Lo, there a Rose is blooming (arr. A. Pitts)
  8. 8 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Alleluya - a new work (arr. A. Pitts)
  9. 9 Tonus Peregrinus: Ding! dong! merrily on high (arr. A. Pitts)
  10. 10 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): While shepherds watched (arr. A. Pitts)
  11. 11 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): The Song of Angels (arr. A. Pitts)
  12. 12 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Hark! the herald angels sing (arr. A. Pitts)
  13. 13 Tonus Peregrinus: Silent Night (arr. A. Pitts)
  14. 14 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Away in a manger (arr. A. Pitts)
  15. 15 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Baby Jesus, hush! now sleep (arr. A. Pitts)
  16. 16 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): O little town of Bethlehem (arr. A. Pitts): O Little Town of Bethlehem (arr. A. Pitts)
  17. 17 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Jesu, the very thought is sweet (arr. A. Pitts)
  18. 18 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Adeste fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) (arr. A. Pitts): O come, all ye faithful (arr. A. Pitts)
  19. 19 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Personent hodie (arr. A. Pitts)
  20. 20 Tonus Peregrinus: In dulci jubilo (arr. A. Pitts)
  21. 21 Tonus Peregrinus: Good King Wenceslas (arr. A. Pitts)
  22. 22 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): We Three Kings of Orient Are (arr. A. Pitts): We three kings of Orient are (arr. A. Pitts)
  23. 23 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): I saw three ships come sailing in (arr. A. Pitts)
  24. 24 Antony Pitts (geb. 1969): Hail to the Lord's Anointed (arr. A. Pitts)

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