Missa Veterem Hominem (Engl. Messe ca. 1440)
  • Künstler: Gothic Voices, Christopher Page
  • Label: Hyperion, DDD, 1996
  • Bestellnummer: 4979473
  • Erscheinungstermin: 14.1.2011



This latest release from Gothic Voices forms a pair with the Missa Caput (CDH55284). Missa Veterem hominem is an anonymous English Mass from circa 1440. It is a work of intricate detail and great significance as one of the earliest examples of a composition for what we would regard today as a 'standard' four-part choir. It is performed here with captivating vigour and commitment.

Also included are hymns from the Sarum chant books. The presentation of these monophonic songs makes this disc an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the tunes (Christe, qui lux es, Jesu salvator, and Salvator mundi, for example) which lie beneath so many later polyphonic works by Tallis and numerous others. But if that isn't enough, they are also sung with extreme conviction and an austere yet remarkable beauty.


'A surpassingly lovely collection of music to be heard and marveled at. The singing is incredibly moving. Buy it, and get 'Caput' too if you didn't heed the previous recommendation' (Fanfare, USA)

'La transparence des timbres alliée à l'intériorité de l'interprétation fait merveille' (Répertoire, France)

'Un précieux document' (Le Journal de Montréal)
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Missa Veterem hominem (15. Jahrhundert)

  1. 1 Nr. 1 Jesu, fili virginis
  2. 2 Nr. 2 Doleo super te
  3. 3 Nr. 3 Gaude Maria virgo
  4. 4 Nr. 4 Deus creator omnium
  5. 5 Nr. 5 Kyrie Deus cerator omnium
  6. 6 Nr. 6 Gloria
  7. 7 Nr. 7 Jesu salvator
  8. 8 Nr. 8 Credo
  9. 9 Nr. 9 A solis ortus
  10. 10 Nr. 10 Sanctus And Benedictus
  11. 11 Nr. 11 Salvator mundi
  12. 12 Nr. 12 Agnus dei
  13. 13 Nr. 13 Christe, qui lux es
  1. 14 To Many A Well (Motette, England 15. Jahrhundert)
  2. 15 Sancta Maria virgo (Motette, England 15. Jahrhundert)
  3. 16 Mater ora filium (Motette, England 15. Jahrhundert)
  4. 17 Ave maris stella (Motette, England 15. Jahrhundert)
  5. 18 Beata Mater (Motette)
  6. 19 Pange lingua (Motette, England 15. Jahrhundert)

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