Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hymns

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    • For All the Saints; Come Down O Love Divine; At the Name of Jesus Every Knee Shall Bow; The King of Love My Shepherd is; He Who Would Valiant Be; I Vow to thee My Country; Jesus Christ is Risen Today; All Creatures of Our God and King; Welcome, Day of the Lord; Saviour Again, to Thy Dear Name We Raise; Teach Me, My God and King; Rest of the Weary; Fierce Raged the Tempest Over the Deep; Into the Wood the Master Went; Firmly I Believe and Truly; God be With You Till We Meet Again; England Arise the Long Long Nicht is Over; It is a Thing Most Wonderful; The Night is Come Like to the Day; Servants of the Great Adventure; Servants of God, or Sons; Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
    • Künstler: Cardiff Festival Choir, Owain Arwel Hughes
    • Label: Griffin, DDD, 1995
    • Bestellnummer: 5704131
    • Erscheinungstermin: 29.7.2008
    • Tracklisting
    1. 1 For All the Saints Who from Their Labours Rest, hymn ('Sine nomine')
    2. 2 Come Down, O Love Divine, hymn ('Down Ampney')
    3. 3 At the Name of Jesus, hymn ('King's Weston')
    4. 4 The King of Love My Shepherd Is, hymn ('St. Columba')
    5. 5 Welcome, Day of the Lord, hymn ('Salve Festa Dies')
    6. 6 Saviour, Again to Thy Dear Name, hymn ('Magda')
    7. 7 Teach Me, My God and King, hymn ('Sandys')
    8. 8 Rest ('O earth, lie heavily upon her eyes'), partsong for chorus
    9. 9 Fierce Raged the Tempest, hymn ('White Gates')
    10. 10 He Who Would Valiant Be, hymn ('Monks Gate')
    11. 11 Into the Wood My Master Went, hymn ('Mantegna')
    12. 12 Firmly I Believe and Truly, hymn ('Shipston')
    13. 13 God Be with You Till We Meet Again, hymn ('Randolph')
    14. 14 I Vow To Thee, My Country, hymn ('Abinger')
    15. 15 England Arise! the Long, Long Night Is Over, hymn ('Guildford')
    16. 16 It Is a Thing Most Wonderful, hymn ('Herongate')
    17. 17 The Night Is Come Like to the Day, hymn ('Oakley')
    18. 18 Servants of the Great Adventure, hymn ('Marathon')
    19. 19 All Creatures of Our God and King
    20. 20 Servants of God, or Sons, hymn ('Cumnor')
    21. 21 Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, for chorus & piano (or organ or small orchestra)
    22. 22 Easter Hymn ('Alleluya: Christe is now'), for baritone or tenor, chorus & orchestra in D minor (Choral Hymns No. 1)