A Pocket of Time; Pierrot; In the Wand of the Wind; Lady of the Harbor; The Lamb; Where the Music Comes From; To an Isle in the Water; Winter Hubris; Jabberwocky; Lied der Liebe; Nuits; I Was There (5 Poems of Walt Whitman); Atumn; Evening; The Darkling Thursh; Last Letter Home; Goodby, Goodby World; Duett "The Nightingale and the Lark" aus "A Month in the Country"
  • Künstler: Julia Faulkner (Sopran), Andrew Garland (Bariton), Lee Hoiby, Klavier
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 8766172
  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.1.2009


Lee Hoiby's immense contribution to the American song repertoire is widely recognized, his style elegantly and convincingly bridging the lyrical worlds of Verdi and Gershwin, Schubert and Sondheim. Whether profoundly moving or smoothly good-humored, setting texts of great literary and civic value by William Blake, Lewis Carroll, Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, Marguerite Duras or his own lyrics, Hoiby's songs speak with emotional immediacy. The interplay between the clear, eloquent beauty of his vocal lines and frequently virtuosic piano accompaniments marks him as a composer of distinction.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 A Pocket of Time
  2. 2 Night Songs: No. 2. Pierrot
  3. 3 Songs for Leontyne: No. 5. In the Wand of the Wind
  4. 4 Three Women: No. 2. Lady of the Harbor
  5. 5 2 Songs of Innocence: No. 2. The Lamb
  6. 6 Where the Music Comes From
  7. 7 To An Isle in the Water
  8. 8 Winter and Summer: No. 1. Winter Hubris
  9. 9 Jabberwocky
  10. 10 Lied der Liebe
  11. 11 Nuits
  12. 12 I Was There: No. 1. Beginning My Studies
  13. 13 I Was There: No. 2. I Was There
  14. 14 I Was There: No. 3. A Clear Midnight
  15. 15 I Was There: No. 4. O Captain! My Captain!
  16. 16 I Was There: No. 5. Joy, Shipmate, Joy!
  17. 17 Songs for Leontyne: No. 3. Autumn
  18. 18 Songs for Leontyne: No. 2. Evening
  19. 19 The Darkling Thrush
  20. 20 Last Letter Home
  21. 21 Goodby, Goodby World
  22. 22 A Month in the Country, Act I: Duet: I can never remember all the words#, "The Nightingale and the Lark"

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