Kathleen Battle & Jessye Norman - Spirituals in Concert

    Kathleen Battle & Jessye Norman - Spirituals in Concert
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • In that great getting up morning; Sinner please don't let this harvest pass; Over my Head I hear Music; Oh what a beautiful city; Lord how come me here; I believe / In this field; Ride on King Jesus; Swing low sweet chariot; You can tell the world; Scandalize my name; Great day; Oh glory; Calvary; Talk about a child that do love Jesus; Gospel train; My God is so high; There is a balm in Gilead; He's got the whole world in his hands
    • Künstler: Kathleen Battle, Jessye Norman, Chor & Orchester, James Levine
    • Label: DGG, DDD, 1989
    • Serie: The Originals
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    • Mitwirkende
    In That Great Getting Up Morning
    1. 1 Arr. Don Marsh & Patrick Russ
    Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass
    1. 2 Arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    Over My Head / Lil' David
    1. 3 Arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    Oh, What A Beautiful City
    1. 4 Arr. Thomas H. Kerr / Adapted:Ch. S. Brown/J. Gianono
    Lord, How Come Me Here
    1. 5 Arr. Sylvia Olden Lee / Adapt. by Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    I Believe I'll Go Back Home / Lordy, Won't You Help Me
    1. 6 Arr. Charley Lloyd, Jr.
    Ride on, King Jesus
    1. 7 Original Version
    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Ride Up in the Chariot
    1. 8 Arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton; "Ride Up" adapted from arr. by Betty Jackson King
    You Can Tell the World
    1. 9 Arr. Margaret Bonds; orch. Mark Fax
    Scandalize My Name
    1. 10 arr. Sylvia Olden Lee; adapted by Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    Great Day
    1. 11 Arr. Thomas H. Kerr, Jr.; adapted by Don Marsh & Patrick Russ
    Oh, Glory
    1. 12 Arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    Calvary / They Crucified My Lord
    1. 13 arr. Evelyn Simpson-Curenton
    Talk About a Child
    1. 14 arr. William L. Dawson; orch. Hale Smith
    Gospel train
    1. 15 arr. Kurt Kaiser; adapt. by Don Marsh & Patrick Russ
    My God Is So High
    1. 16 arr. Hall Johnson; orch. Hale Smith
    There is a balm in Gilead
    1. 17 Arr. & orch. Hale Smith
    He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
    1. 18 arr. Margaret Bonds; adapt. by Don Marsh & Patrick Russ