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Lieder von Sjögren, Kröling, Petterson-Berger, Schrader, Stenhammar, Althen, Widestedt, Alfven, Eklöf, Nordqvist, Salen
  • Künstler: Jussi Björling
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1925-533
  • Bestellnummer: 8564605
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.10.2008


Considered by both critics and public as one of the greatest tenors of the 20th century, Jussi Björling left behind a vast recorded legacy. This seventh volume in the Jussi Björling Collection features popular Swedish patriotic and romantic songs spanning Björling's entire career. Tonerna (Music), generally presented as 'Visions' in Björling's recitals outside Sweden, was one of the most popular items in his repertoire, often used as an encore. Till havs (Towards the Sea), a cheerful evocation of the pleasures of sailing, was another great favourite on the recital programmes of the singer, whose devotion to boating and fishing in the Stockholm archipelago was well-known. Land, du välsignade (Thou Blessed Country) is the patriotic song most generally associated with Jussi Björling in Sweden today.
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  1. 1 Jussi Björling: I drommen du ar mig nara (In My Dreams You Are Near Me)
  2. 2 Jussi Björling: Vita rosor (White Rose)
  3. 3 Jussi Björling: 4 Visor i folkton (4 Folk Ballads), Op. 5: No. 1. Nar jag for mig sjalv i morka skogen gar (When I Walk Alone in the Dar
  4. 4 Jussi Björling: 4 Visor i folkton (4 Folk Ballads), Op. 5: No. 4. Bland skogens hoga furustammar (Among the High Fir-Trees in the Forest
  5. 5 Jussi Björling: Tonerna (Music)
  6. 6 Jussi Björling: Ack Varmeland du skona (Ah Varmland, Thou Fairest)
  7. 7 Jussi Björling: Allt under himmelens faste (Beneath the Dome of the Sky)
  8. 8 Jussi Björling: Sommarnatt (Summer Night)
  9. 9 Jussi Björling: Ett folk, Op. 22: Sverige (Sweden)
  10. 10 Jussi Björling: Land du valsignade (O Thou Blessed Land): Land, du valsignade (Thou Blessed Country)
  11. 11 Jussi Björling: Sjung din hela langtan ut (Sing Out Your Whole Yearning)
  12. 12 Jussi Björling: Studentsangen (The Student Song), "Sjungom studentens lyckliga dag" (Let Us Sing about the Happy Days of Students)
  13. 13 Jussi Björling: Namner du Sverige (If You Mention Sweden)
  14. 14 7 Dikter, Op. 28: No. 6. Skogen sofver (The Forest sleeps)
  15. 15 Morgon (Morning)
  16. 16 Jussi Björling: Bon i ofrestid (Prayer in Time of War)
  17. 17 Jussi Björling: Bisp Thomas frihetssang (Bishop Thomas' Song of Freedom)
  18. 18 Jussi Björling: 3 Sanger: No. 3. Till havs (Toward the Sea)
  19. 19 Jussi Björling: Sangen till havet (Song to the Sea)
  20. 20 Jussi Björling: Visa kring slanblom och masnkara (Song of Blackthorn and Crescent Moon)
  21. 21 Jussi Björling: Jungfrun under lind (The Maiden under the Linden-Tree)

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