• Idil Biret - Archive Edition Vol.3
  • Idil Biret
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Boucourechliev: Archipel IV
+Castiglioni: Cangianti
+Brouwer: Sonata Pian e Forte
+Mimaroglu: Session
  • Künstler: Idil Biret (Klavier)
  • Label: Iba, ADD, 1976
  • Bestellnummer: 1527387
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.3.2010


"Session (1975) by ilhan Mimaroglu, for piano, electronic tape and speaking voices, is an intensely dramatic piece of agitprop music in the mode of Luigi Nono...Leo Brouwer's Sonata Pian e Forte (1970) uses musical quotations, including that from Gabrieli which gives the piece its title...In André Boucourechliev's Archipel IV (ca. 1970), the entire piece is constructed by the performer from the composer's elements, which themselves are open to modification. Castiglioni's Cangianti (1959) showcase Idil Biret's skill at handling certain facets of modern piano idioms." LOS ANGELES TIMES - USA 1978
"For much of the music on this disc I'll let either the composer or the annotators speak...Idil Biret is sensational and Finnadar's processing is first rate." NEW RECORDS - USA 1978
"Four excellent contemporary classical piano pieces. Session was written specifically for Biret by ilhan Mimaroglu. It involves not only piano but also considerable electronics and several voices...Leo Brouwer's Sonata Pian e Forte uses prerecorded tapes in which the piano quotes from other works. Niccolò Castiglioni's Cangianti and André Boucourechliev's Archipel IV are straight piano pieces of a turbulent sort...Biret's performances are spirited and her technical command is superb." CONTEMPORARY KEYBOARD - USA 1978"
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 Archipel 4, Op. 10
  2. 2 Cangianti
  3. 3 Sonata Pian e Forte
  4. 4 Session

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