Henry Purcell: Lieder "The Food of Love"

    Lieder "The Food of Love"
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • If music be the food of Love; Corinna is divinely fair; Ah! How sweet it is to love; What a sad fate is mine; I see she flies me; O Solitude; Music for a while; O! Fair Cedaria; Man is for the woman made; Not all my torments can your pity move; On the brow of Richmond Hill; Pious Celinda goes to pray'rs; When first I saw Aurelia's eyes; The Cares of Lovers; The fatal hour comes on apace; I loved fair Celia; When her languishing eyes said 'Love'; A Morning Hymn; The earth trembled; Now that the sun has veil'd his light
      +Ground in C für Cembalo
      +Corbetta: Caprice de chacone
      +Simpson: Preludes in D & E
      +Visee: Prelude d-moll
    • Künstler: Paul Agnew (Tenor), Anne-Marie Lasla (Viola da Gamba), Elisabeth Kenny (Theorbe & Gitarre), Blandine Rannou (Cembalo)
    • Label: Naive, DDD, 2009
    • Erscheinungstermin: 29.9.2009
    • Tracklisting
    1. 1 If Music Be The Food Of Love
    2. 2 Corinna Is Divinely Fair
    3. 3 Ah!How Sweet It Is To Love
    4. 4 What A Sad Fate Is Mine
    5. 5 I See She Flies Me
    6. 6 Caprice de chacone
    7. 7 O Solitude
    8. 8 Music For A While
    9. 9 Ground In C For Harpsichord
    10. 10 O!Fair Cedaria
    11. 11 Man Is For The Woman Made
    12. 12 Not All My Torments Can Your Pity Move
    13. 13 On The Brow Of Richmond Hill
    14. 14 Pious Celinda Goes To Pray'rs
    15. 15 When First I Saw Aurelia's Eyes
    16. 16 Prelude In D
    17. 17 The Cares Of Lovers
    18. 18 The Fatal Hour Comes On Apace
    19. 19 I Loved Fair Celia
    20. 20 When Her Languishing Eyes Said 'Love'
    21. 21 Prelude In D Minor
    22. 22 A Morning Hymn
    23. 23 Prelude(In E)
    24. 24 The Earth Trembled
    25. 25 Now That The Sun Has Veil'd His Light
    26. 26 If Music Be The Food Of Love