Henry Purcell: King Arthur

King Arthur
2 CDs
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    • Künstler: Veronique Gens, Claron McFadden, Sandrine Piau, Susannah Waters, Mark Padmore, Matthew Best, Les Arts Florissants, William Christie
    • Label: Erato, DDD, 1995
    • Bestellnummer: 4560952
    • Erscheinungstermin: 28.1.2011
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    Disk 1 von 2 (CD)

    King Arthur or The British Worthy Z 628 (Oper) (Gesamtaufnahme)
    1. 1 Ouvertüre
    2. 2 Air
    3. 3 Woden, first to thee a milk-white steed, in battle won, we have sacrific'd (1. Akt)
    4. 4 The white horse neigh'd aloud... To Woden, our defender, thanks we render
    5. 5 The lot is cast, and Tanfan pleas'd; of mortal cares you shall be eas'd
    6. 6 Brave souls, to be renown'd in story... die and reap the fruit of glory
    7. 7 I call you all to Woden's hall
    8. 8 Come if you dare, our trumpets sound - Zwischenaktmusik
    9. 9 Hither, this way, this way bend, trust not he malicious fiend (2. Akt)
    10. 10 Let mot a moonborn elf mislead ye from your prey and from your glory - Hither, this way, this way bend
    11. 11 Come, follow me
    12. 12 How blest are shepherds, how happy their lasses, while drums and trumpets are sounding alarms!
    13. 13 Shepherd, shepherd, leave decoying: pipes are sweet on summer's day
    14. 14 Come, shepherds, lead up a lively measure - Hornpipe
    15. 15 Zwischenaktmusik
    16. 16 Präludium (3. Akt)
    17. 17 What ho! thou genius of this isle, what ho!
    18. 18 Präludium währenddessen sich der Genius der Kälte erhebt - What power art thou, who from below hast made me rise
    19. 19 Thou doting fool, forbear, forbear!
    20. 20 Great Love, I know thee now
    21. 21 No part of my dominion shall be waste
    22. 22 Präludium
    23. 23 See, see, we assemble thy revel to hold - Tanz
    24. 24 'tis I, 'tis I that have warm'd ye
    25. 25 Sound a parley, ye fair, and surrender. Set yourselves and your lovers at ease - Ritornell - 'tis love that has warm'd u
    26. 26 Zwischenaktmusik

    Disk 2 von 2 (CD)

    1. 1 Two daughters of this aged stream are we (4. Akt)
    2. 2 How happy the lover, how easy his chain! - For love ev'ry creature is form'd by his nature - In vain are our graces in
    3. 3 Zwischenaktmusik
    4. 4 Trompetensignal (5. Akt)
    5. 5 Ye blust'ring bethren of the skies... retire and let britannia rise
    6. 6 Symphonie
    7. 7 Round thy coast, fair nymph of Britain, for thy guard our waters flow
    8. 8 For folded flocks, and fruitful plans... fair Britain all the world outvies
    9. 9 Your hay it is mow'd and your corn is reap'd
    10. 10 Fairest Isle, all isles excelling
    11. 11 You say, 'tis love creates the pain of which so sadly you complain
    12. 12 Trompetenmusik
    13. 13 Saint George the patron of our isle... on this auspicious order smile
    14. 14 Our native not alone appear to court the martial prize
    15. 15 Chaconne