Amazonas; Preludios para Guitarra (arr. für Klavier); Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 2 (Dansa);Valse Scherzo; Bailado Infernal; Feijoada Sem Perigo; Historias da Carochinha; Canoes de Cordialidade; Cortejo Nupcial; Valsa lenta
  • Künstler: Sonia Rubinsky, Klavier
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 1027033
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.10.2008


Villa-Lobos was one of the most prolific of all 20th-century composers. The works on this seventh volume of the complete piano works show the multilayered nature of Villa-Lobos's idiom, which is as exuberant as the Brazilian landscape that inspired him so often. Amazonas, subtitled 'Brazilian Indian ballet', is based on indigenous themes that were embedded in the texture, and innovatively varied and transformed through sophisticated harmonic and rhythmic experiments. Even today Amazonas remains startling for its adventurous musical language. Several of the shorter pieces on this disc exist only in manuscript, and receive here their world première recording.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Amazonas (version for piano)
  2. 2 5 Preludes (arr. J.V. Brandao): Prelude No. 1 in E minor
  3. 3 5 Preludes (arr. J.V. Brandao): Prelude No. 2 in E major
  4. 4 5 Preludes (arr. J.V. Brandao): Prelude No. 3 in A minor
  5. 5 5 Preludes (arr. J.V. Brandao): Prelude No. 4 in E minor
  6. 6 5 Preludes (arr. J.V. Brandao): Prelude No. 5 in D major
  7. 7 Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2, "o Trenzinho Do Caipira": Iii. Dansa, "lembrancas Do Sertao" (Arr. For Piano)
  8. 8 Valsa Scherzo
  9. 9 Bailado infernal
  10. 10 Feijoada sem perigo
  11. 11 Historias da Carochinha: I. No Palacio Encantando
  12. 12 Historias da Carochinha: II. A Cortesia do Principezinho
  13. 13 Historias Da Carochinha: Iii. E O Pastorzinho Cantava
  14. 14 Historias da Carochinha: IV. E a Princesazinha Dancava
  15. 15 Cancoes de Cordialidade: I. Feliz Aniversario
  16. 16 Cancoes de Cordialidade: II. Boas-Festas
  17. 17 Cancoes De Cordialidade: Iii. Feliz Natal
  18. 18 Cancoes de Cordialidade: IV. Feliz Ano Novo
  19. 19 Cancoes de Cordialidade: V. Boas-Vindas
  20. 20 Cortejo Nupcial
  21. 21 Valsa Lenta (fragment)

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