• Künstler: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Oralia Dominguez, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Cesare Siepi, La Scala Choir & Orchestra, Victor de Sabata
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1954
  • Bestellnummer: 7583177
  • Erscheinungstermin: 24.7.2006


Victor de Sabata is remembered today as one of the greatest conductors of opera, especially Verdi and Puccini, and orchestral music from the 19th and 20th centuries. His famous 1954 recording of Verdi's terrifying Requiem boasts an unrivalled quartet of soloists. Made five years after Tullio Serafin's searingly intense Rome Opera House recording (Naxos Historical 8.110159), de Sabata's interpretation is notable for its expansive speeds and reverential approach. His brilliance in symphonic repertoire can be heard in the Appendix to Disc 2, which includes an evocative Fountains of Rome and the rare 1947 recording of the Prelude to Aida.
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Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Messa da Requiem: Requiem aeternam
  2. 2 Messa da Requiem: Kyrie eleison
  3. 3 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Dies Irae
  4. 4 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Tuba mirum
  5. 5 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Mors stupebit
  6. 6 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Liber scriptus; Dies irae
  7. 7 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Quid sum miser
  8. 8 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Rex tremendae
  9. 9 Messa da Requiem: Seqeunce: Recordare
  10. 10 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Ingemisco
  11. 11 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Confutatis maledictis; Dies irae
  12. 12 Messa da Requiem: Sequence: Lacrymosa
  13. 13 Messa da Requiem: Offertory: Domine Jesu Christe
  14. 14 Messa da Requiem: Offertory: Hostias et preces
  15. 15 Messa da Requiem: Sanctus
  16. 16 Messa da Requiem: Agnus Dei

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Messa da Requiem: Lux aeterna
  2. 2 Messa da Requiem: Libera me: Libera me
  3. 3 Messa da Requiem: Libera me: Dies irae
  4. 4 Messa da Requiem: Libera me: Requiem aeternam
  5. 5 Messa da Requiem: Libera me: Libera me
  6. 6 Aida: Aida, Act I: Prelude
  7. 7 La traviata: Act I: Prelude
  8. 8 La Traviata: Act Iii: Prelude
  9. 9 I vespri siciliani, Act I: Overture
  10. 10 I quatro rusteghi: I quattro rusteghi, Act II: Intermezzo
  11. 11 Il segreto di Susanna, Act I: Overture
  12. 12 Guillaume Tell, Act I: Overture
  13. 13 Fontane di Roma (Fountains of Rome), P. 106: I. La fontana di Valle Giulia all'alba
  14. 14 Fontane di Roma (Fountains of Rome), P. 106: II. La fontana del Tritone al mattino
  15. 15 Fontane Di Roma (Fountains Of Rome), P. 106: Iii. La Fontana Di Trevi Al Meriggio
  16. 16 Fontane di Roma (Fountains of Rome), P. 106: IV. La fontana di Villa Medici al tramonto

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