Georg Friedrich Händel: Jephta

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    • Künstler: Kirsten Blaise, Annelie Sophie Müller, David Allsopp, Benjamin Hulett, Simon Bailey, Maulbronner Kammerchor, Ensemble Il Capriccio, Jürgen Budday
    • Label: EKM, DDD/LA, 2012
    • Bestellnummer: 3753381
    • Erscheinungstermin: 30.10.2013
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    Jephta Hwv 70 (Oratorium) (Gesamtaufnahme)
    1. 1 Overture
    2. 2 Accompagnato: It must be so, or these vile Ammonities
    3. 3 Arie: Pour forth no more unheeded pray'rs
    4. 4 Chor: No more to Ammon's god and king
    5. 5 Rezitativ: But Jeptha comes
    6. 6 Arie: Virtue my soul shall still embrace
    7. 7 Rezitativ: Twill be a painful separation, Jeptha - Arie: In gentle murmurs will I mourn
    8. 8 Rezitativ: Happy this embassy, my charming Iphis
    9. 9 Arie: Dulldelay, in piercing anguish
    10. 10 Rezitativ: Ill suits the voice of love when glory calls - Arie: Take the heart you fondly gave
    11. 11 Rezitativ: I go - Duett: These labours past, how happy we!
    12. 12 Rezitativ: What mean thsese doubtful fancies of the brain? - Accompagnato: If, Lord, sustain'd by Thy almighty pow'r
    13. 13 Chro: O God, behold our sore distress
    14. 14 Rezitativ: Such, Jeptha, was the haughty king's reply
    15. 15 Chor: When His loud voice in thunder spoke
    16. 16 Rezitativ: Glad tidings of great joy to thee, dear Iphis
    17. 17 Chor: Cherub and seraphim, unbodied forms
    18. 18 Arie: Up the dreadful steep ascending
    19. 19 Rezitativ: 'Tis well - Arie: Tune the soft melodius lute
    20. 20 Rezitativ: Again heav'n smiles once more on His repentant people - Rezitativ: Zebul, thy deeds were valiant
    21. 21 Arie: His mighty arm, with sudden blow
    22. 22 Chor: In glory high, in might serene

    Disk 2 von 2

    1. 1 Sinfonia - Rezitativ: Hail, glorious conqueror, much lov'd father, hail!
    2. 2 Arie: Welcome as the cheerful light - Chor: Welcome thou, whose deeds conspire - Rezitativ: Horror, confusion!
    3. 3 Arie: Open thy marble jaws
    4. 4 Rezitativ: Why is my brother thus afflicted?
    5. 5 Accompagnato: First perish thou, and perish all the world! - Arie: Let other creatures die?
    6. 6 Rezitativ: If such cruel purpose, lo, your friend - Arie: On me let blind mistaken zeal her utmost rage employ
    7. 7 Quartett: Oh, spare your daughter
    8. 8 Rezitativ: Such news flies swift - Accompagnato: For joys so vast too little is the price
    9. 9 Arie: Happy they!
    10. 10 Accompagnato: Deeper, and deeper still, thy goodness, child
    11. 11 Chor: How dark, o Lord, are Thy decrees
    12. 12 Arie: Hide thou hated beams - Accompagnato: A father, off'ring up his only child
    13. 13 Arie: Waft her, angels, through the skies
    14. 14 Accompagnato: Ye sacred priests, whose hands ne'er yet were stain'd - Arie: Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods
    15. 15 Chor: Doubtful fear and rev'rent awe
    16. 16 Sinfonia
    17. 17 Rezitativ: Rise, Jeptha, and ye rev'rend priests, withhold - Arie: Happy, Iphis shalt thou live
    18. 18 Arioso: For ever blessed be Thy holy name, Lord God of Israel!
    19. 19 Chor: Theme sublime of endless praise
    20. 20 Rezitativ: Le me congratulate this happy turn - Air: Laud her, all ye virgin train
    21. 21 Rezitativ: Oh, let me fold thee in a mother's arms - Arie: Sweet as sight to the blind
    22. 22 Rezitativ: With transport, Iphis, I behold thy safety - Rezitativ: My faithful Hamor, may that Provicence
    23. 23 Arie: All that is in Iphis - Duet - Quintett - Chor: Ye housee of Gilead