• Cantor Benzion Miller - Cantorial Concert Masterpieces
  • Benzion Miller
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Werke von Ganchoff, Kusevitsky, Pinchik, Roitman, Schorr, Jassinowsky, Glantz, Ganchoff, Zilberts, Tishkowsky, Bogzester
*** Milken Archive of American Jewish Music


Beloved by millions for his cantorial performances throughout the world, Cantor Benzion Miller thrills audiences with his brilliant tenor voice, his astonishing vocal technique, and above all with the heartfelt spirituality of his interpretations of cantorial concert masterpieces. This unique genre of Jewish sacred music celebrates the high virtuosity of the cantorial tradition. Benzion Miller brings to life these musical treasures from the "Golden Age" of cantor-composers in America in all-new recordings with full symphony orchestra."
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 Hayyom T'Amtzeinu
  2. 2 Sheyyibane Beit Hammikdash
  3. 3 Der Khazn Un Der Gabe
  4. 4 The Prophecy Of Isaiah
  5. 5 Ezrat
  6. 6 Ribbon Ha'olamim
  7. 7 Kol M'kaddesh
  8. 8 Hashir Shehalviyyim
  9. 9 Havdala
  10. 10 Hammavdil - Chorus Viennensis
  11. 11 Psalm Of David

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