+Salve Regina RV 617; Laudate Dominum RV 606; In exitu Israel RV 604; Nisi Dominus RV 608
  • Künstler: Susan Gritton, Nathalie Stutzmann, Hilary Summers, Alexandra Gibson, The King's Consort & Choir, Robert King
  • Label: Hyperion, DDD, 00
  • Bestellnummer: 3351978
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19.1.2001



The first work on volume 6 is a major, rarely heard Vivaldi choral work, the setting of Beatus Vir, RV795. Alongside typically ebullient writing for chorus and orchestra, the work presents astonishing solo writing. Susan Gritton's soprano, it almost goes without saying, is glorious, but Vivaldi's girls at the Pietà also included special altos—youngsters who were trained to sing unusually low: Beatus Vir presents some of the most remarkable of all this writing, including one aria—Peccator videbit, performed by Hilary Summers—which is perhaps the lowest alto aria ever written! Alongside such peculiarities, there is much wonderful music, not least of all a rich trio In memoria aeterna.

Also on the disc come two splendid choral psalm settings, In exitu Israel and Laudate Pueri. Susan Gritton sings a gloriously lyrical solo motet Salve Regina, as devout and ardent a religious setting as Vivaldi ever wrote. Gritton is surely now one of the great Vivaldi singers of our generation.

The remarkable French alto Nathalie Stutzmann, after a string of highly acclaimed recordings for other labels, makes a long-awaited début on Hyperion singing the famous setting of Nisi Dominus. Her singing is full of colour, variety and nuance, also demonstrating the astonishing coloratura and breath control which has made her one of France's most sought-after stars.


‘Bravo to the King’s Consort, whose skilful performances are bringing this important repertoire to the attention of listeners as well as other performers’ (Schwann, USA)

‘Richly rewarding music, wonderfully performed. I’m eager to dive into Volumes 1 to 5’ (Opera News, USA)'Richly rewarding music, wonderfully performed' (Opera News)

'The performances fully live up to the remarkably high standards that informed the previous issues. A fine addition to one of the most rewarding series currently in progress' (Fanfare)

'Top marks again to King for his choice of soloists – in Stutzmann, above all, we have one of today’s best baroque voices' (Gramophone)


J. Hillebrand in FonoForum 5 / 01: "Das Ereignis dieser Platte ist die erstmalig in der Serie mitwirkende Nathalie Stutzmann. Mit ihrer voluminösen, dunkel ge- färbten Stimme, extrem reduziertem Vibrato und einer wandlungsfähigen, doch nie übertrieben dramatisierenden Textausdeutung adelt sie das frühe "Nisi Dominus", Vivaldis ambitionierteste Psalmkomposition für Solo- gesang."
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Beatus vir RV 795

  1. 1 Beatus vir. Allegro
  2. 2 Gloria et divitiae. Allegro
  3. 3 Beatus vir
  4. 4 Exortum est in tenebris. Andante molto
  5. 5 Beatus vir
  6. 6 Jucundus homo. Allegro
  7. 7 Beatus vir
  8. 8 Im memoriam aeterna. Andante molto
  9. 9 Beatus vir
  10. 10 Paratum cor ejus. Andante
  11. 11 Beatus vir
  12. 12 Dispersit, dedit pauperibus. Andante
  13. 13 Gloria Patri, et Filio. Allegro
  14. 14 Peccator videbit. Largo
  15. 15 Gloria Patri, et Filio. Allegro

Salve Regina RV 617e

  1. 16 Salve Regina. Andante
  2. 17 Ad te clamamus. Allegro
  3. 18 Eis ergo. Allegro
  4. 19 Et Jesum
  1. 20 Laudate Dominum RV 606
  2. 21 In exitu Israel RV 604

Nisi Dominus RV 608

  1. 22 Nisi Dominus. Allegro
  2. 23 Vanum est vobis. Largo
  3. 24 Surgite. Presto - Adagio
  4. 25 Cum dederit. Andante
  5. 26 Sicut sagittae. Allegro
  6. 27 Beatus vir. Andante
  7. 28 Gloria. Larghetto
  8. 29 Sicut erat in principio. Allegro
  9. 30 Amen. Allegro

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