Andrew Shore - Great Operatic Arias in English

    Andrew Shore - Great Operatic Arias in English
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Arien von Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi, Mozart
    • Künstler: Andrew Shore
    • Label: Chandos, DDD, 94-01
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    The Elixir of Love (Auszug)
    1. 1 Attention! Attention! You country folk!
    2. 2 Good doctor, beg your pardon - It was Tristan who employed it
    3. 3 How he loved me! - With a look of love and laughter
    4. 4 It will give you cheeks like peaches
    The Baber of Seville (Auszug)
    1. 5 Dare you offer such excuses
    The Italian Girl in Algiers (Auszug)
    1. 6 All the changes in my fortune - Ah, yes, as friends united
    Don Giovanni (Auszug)
    1. 7 Look here: this not so little volume - Pretty lady, I have something to show you
    Don Pascale (Auszug)
    1. 8 She'll be here by midday - Quite unexpectedly passions inflame me
    2. 9 Well good evening! You're in a hurry
    3. 10 Don Pasquale... - Ah brother... a living corpse is standing here before you
    Falstaff (Auszug)
    1. 11 Hey, Page boy!