25 Great Singers in Popular Ballads

    25 Great Singers in Popular Ballads
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    • Last Rose of Summer; For you alone; By the End of the River; Love's old sweet Song; Deep River; The Fairytales of Ireland u. a.
    • Künstler: Patti, Caruso, Melba, Dawson, Hackett, Butt, Galli-Curci, McCormack, Crabbe u. a.
    • Label: ASV, AAD/m, 05-30
    • Erscheinungstermin: 18.8.1994
    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Adelina Patti: The Last Rose Of Summer
    2. 2 Enrico Caruso: For You Alone
    3. 3 Nellie Melba: By The Waters Of Minnetonka (An Indian Love Song)
    4. 4 Peter Dawson: The Green Hills O' Somerset
    5. 5 Rosina Buckman: She Wandered Down The Mountainside
    6. 6 Charles Hackett: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
    7. 7 Grace Moore: By The Bend Of The River
    8. 8 Walter Widdop: I Know Of Two Bright Eyes (Myrrha)
    9. 9 Clara Butt: A Fairy Went A-Marketing
    10. 10 Norman Allin: Myself When Young (In A Persian Garden)
    11. 11 Amelita Galli-Curci: Love's Old Sweet Song
    12. 12 John McCormack: Bird Songs At Eventide
    13. 13 Lucrezia Bori: Ciribiribin
    14. 14 Richard Crooks: The Song Of Songs
    15. 15 Marguerite D'Alvarez: Homing
    16. 16 Feodor Chaliapin: The Blind Ploughman
    17. 17 Florence Austral: The Fairytales Of Ireland
    18. 18 Armand Crabbe: Ich Liebe Dich, My Dear
    19. 19 Dusolina Giannini: I Love You Truly
    20. 20 Alfred Piccaber: Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses
    21. 21 Dora Labette: Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
    22. 22 Richard Tauber: Kashmiri Song (Pale Hands I Loved)
    23. 23 Marian Anderson: Deep River
    24. 24 Harold Williams: Leanin'
    25. 25 Rosa Ponselle: A Perfect Day