Sonata alla toccata; Green Hills; Cricketty Mill; Prelude & Fugue formed on an Indian Scale; Haze of Noon; Harvest Home; Fancy Free; April Morn, Fantasy Waltzes
  • Künstler: Ashley Wass
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006/2007
  • Bestellnummer: 9193880
  • Erscheinungstermin: 26.11.2007
  1. 1 Sonata alla toccata: I. Maestoso - Allegro ritmico e jubilante Start
  2. 2 Sonata alla toccata: II. Andante con moto e semplice Start
  3. 3 Sonata Alla Toccata: Iii. Molto Vivace Start
  4. 4 Green Hills Start
  5. 5 Cricketty Mill Start
  6. 6 Prelude Start
  7. 7 Prelude and Fugue on an Indian Scale: Fugue Start
  8. 8 Haze of Noon Start
  9. 9 Harvest Home: I. The Tinker's Tune Start
  10. 10 Harvest Home: II. The Village Band Start
  11. 11 Harvest Home: Iii. Harvest Moon Start
  12. 12 Harvest Home: IV. The Church Bells Ring Start
  13. 13 Fancy Free: I. Sunday Morning Start
  14. 14 Fancy Free: II. Snowdrop Start
  15. 15 Fancy Free: Iii. Twilight Start
  16. 16 Fancy Free: IV. Happy-Go-Lucky Start
  17. 17 April Morn: I. The Lost Lamb Start
  18. 18 April Morn: II. April Shower Start
  19. 19 April Morn: Iii. Bluebells Start
  20. 20 April Morn: IV. Violets Start
  21. 21 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 1. Tempo rubato e capriccioso Start
  22. 22 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 2. Scherzando Start
  23. 23 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 3. Moderato Start
  24. 24 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 4. Grazioso Start
  25. 25 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 5. Lento Start
  26. 26 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 6. Allegro giocoso Start
  27. 27 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 7. Lento Start
  28. 28 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 8. Vivace, ma ritmico Start
  29. 29 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 9. Lento e lugubre Start
  30. 30 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 10. In tempo piacevole Start
  31. 31 Fantasy Waltzes: No. 11. Presto Start


Piano music featured prominently for the most part of Alwyn's career. The composer himself was no mean pianist, as evidenced in the varying technical demands made on the pianist in the works included here. The major work on this recording, Fantasy Waltzes, consisting of a suite of eleven virtuoso pieces, is arguably Alwyn's finest creation for piano solo. Haze of Noon is a dreamy and languid piece, one of several published by OUP for their educational series. Green Hills is a nature poem which inhabits the sound world of John Ireland, while both Fancy Free and April Morn are simpler pieces which nevertheless demonstrate Alwyn's consummate skill as a composer.

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