Shiregreen: References: Songs About Songwriters

    References: Songs About Songwriters
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      • Label: DMG
      • Bestellnummer: 9005434
      • Erscheinungstermin: 29.3.2019
      • Tracklisting
      • Mitwirkende
      1. 1 Between The River And The Railroad Tracks
      2. 2 Stolen Songs (A Reference To John Fogerty)
      3. 3 In Barbara's Room (A Reference To Leonard Cohen)
      4. 4 References
      5. 5 Under Joshuah Trees (A Reference To Emmylou Harris&Gram Parsons)
      6. 6 All Along The Atlas Mountains (A Reference To Mike Batt)
      7. 7 Every Town Is Worth A Song (A Reference To Ralph Mc Tell)
      8. 8 From That Day On (A Reference To Mark Knopfler)
      9. 9 One More Song (A Reference To Bob Dylan& Many More)
      10. 10 Down The Endless Road (A Reference To Robert Earl Keen & Friends)
      11. 11 When The Last Buffalo Is Gone (A Reference To Neil Young)
      12. 12 Here's To Joan (A Reference To Joan Baez)
      13. 13 Townes And Me (A Reference To Townes Van Zandt)
      14. 14 The Last Good Bye (A Reference To Tom Petty)
      15. 15 References Reprise