Rorcal: Muladona

    LP (Long Play)

    Die gute alte Vinyl - Langspielplatte.

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      • Label: Hummus, 2019
      • Bestellnummer: 9504812
      • Erscheinungstermin: 8.11.2019

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      • Tracklisting
      1. 1 This is how i came to associate drowning with tenderness
      2. 2 She drained you of your innocence and you poisoned her with
      3. 3 I'd done my duty to my mother and father. and more than that
      4. 4 A sea of false smiles hiding murder jealousy and revenge
      5. 5 Carnation were not the smell of death. they were the smell o
      6. 6 The only constant in this world is blackness of the human he
      7. 7 I was the muladona's seventh tale

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