Loudon Wainwright III: I'd Rather Lead A Band

    I'd Rather Lead A Band
    LP (Long Play)

    Die gute alte Vinyl - Langspielplatte.

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      • Tracklisting
      1. 1 How i love you (I'm tellin' the birds, tellin' the bees)
      2. 2 A ship without a sail
      3. 3 Ain't misbehavin'
      4. 4 I'm going to give it to Mary with love
      5. 5 The little things in life
      6. 6 So the bluebirds and the blackbirds got together
      7. 7 A perfect day
      8. 8 I thought about you
      9. 9 I'd rather lead a band
      10. 10 My blue heaven
      11. 11 Between the devil and the deep blue sea
      12. 12 Heart and soul
      13. 13 You rascal you (I'll be glad when you're dead)
      14. 14 More I cannot wish you