Ennio Morricone: Filmmusik: Passion = Themes (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition) (Pink & Purple Marbled Vinyl)

    Filmmusik: Passion = Themes (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition) (Pink & Purple Marbled Vinyl)
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      • Tracklisting

      1. 1 The Lady Caliph / La Califfa (Titoli) From “The Lady Caliph” / “La Califfa”
      2. 2 Encounter / Incontro From “The Master and Margaret” / “Il Maestro E Margherita”
      3. 3 You Will See Me Coming Back / Mi Vedrai Tornare (Titoli Di Coda) From “You Will See Me Coming Back” / “Mi Vedrai Tornare”
      4. 4 You Die Of Love / Si Muore D'amore From “For Love One Dies”/ “D'amore Si Muore”
      5. 5 A Woman To Remember / Una Donna Da Ricordare From “Maddalena”
      6. 6 This Kind Of Love / Questa Specie D'amore (Titoli) From “This Kind Of Love” / “Questa Specie D'amore”
      7. 7 To Lydia / A Lydia From “Listen, Let's Make Love” / “Scusi, Facciamo L'amore?”
      8. 8 Down The Ancient Stairs / Per Le Antiche Scale From “Down The Ancient Stairs” / “Per Le Antiche Scale”
      9. 9 Children Ask Why / I Bambini Ci Chiedono Perche' (Titoli) From “Why”/ “I Bambini Ci Chiedono Perche'”
      10. 10 Lullaby For Adulterers / Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri From “Mother's Heart” / “Cuore Di Mamma”
      11. 11 Nightmare Castle / Amanti D'oltretomba From “Nightmare Castle” / “Amanti D'oltretomba”

      1. 1 The Reason, The Heart, The Love / La Ragione, Il Cuore, L'amore From “Devil In The Brain” / “Il Diavolo Nel Cervello”
      2. 2 Veruschka From “Veruschka, Poetry Of A Woman” / “Veruschka, Poesia Di Una Donna”
      3. 3 For Love / Per Amore From “For Love” / “Per Amore”
      4. 4 Lullaby in Blue / Ninna Nanna In Blu From “The Cat o' Nine Tails” / “Il Gatto A Nove Code”
      5. 5 Trip With Anita / Viaggio Con Anita From “Lovers and Liars” / “Viaggio Con Anita”
      6. 6 What Have You Done to Solange? / Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? From “What Have You Done to Solange?” / “Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange?”
      7. 7 The Two Seasons Of Life / Le Due Stagioni Della Vita (Titoli) From “The Two Seasons Of Life” / “Le Due Stagioni Della Vita”
      8. 8 Maybe That's Enough / Forse Basta From “Around the World with Peynet's Lovers” / “Il Giro Del Mondo Degli Innamorati Di Peynet”
      9. 9 Portrait Of An Author / Ritratto D'autore From “The Invisible Woman” / “La Donna Invisibile”
      10. 10 Neighbourhood Romance / Romanza Quartiere From “Neighbourhood” / “Quartiere”