Filmmusik: Disney Goes Classical

    Filmmusik: Disney Goes Classical
    CD (Compact Disc)

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      • Label: Decca
      • Bestellnummer: 9905187
      • Erscheinungstermin: 2.10.2020

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      • Tracklisting
      1. 1 Overture (From Mary Poppins)
      2. 2 How Far I'll Go (From Moana)
      3. 3 A Whole New World (From Aladdin)
      4. 4 Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From The Lion King)
      5. 5 Almost There (From Princess And The Frog)
      6. 6 Go The Distance (From Hercules)
      7. 7 Colors of the Wind (From Pocahontas)
      8. 8 When She Loved Me (From Toy Story 2)
      9. 9 The Bare Necessities (From The Jungle Book)
      10. 10 Part Of Your World (From The Little Mermaid)
      11. 11 Beauty and the Beast (From Beauty And The Beast)
      12. 12 I See The Light (From Tangled)
      13. 13 Let It Go (From Frozen)
      14. 14 Reflection (From Mulan)
      15. 15 When You Wish Upon A Star (From Pinocchio)