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Lovecraft’s work, is the belief that the Earth was once inhabited by powerful and evil gods, just waiting for the chance to recolonise their planet. Cthulhu is one such god, lurking deep beneath the sea until called into being by cult followers who—like all humans—know not what they do. It is because of these dark, mythic tales with their terrified awareness of the limits of Man’s knowledge, that H. P. Lovecraft is one of the most influential American writers.
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  1. 1 1: The Horror in Clay
  2. 2 The bas-relief was a rough rectangle?
  3. 3 It was then that he began that rambling tale?
  4. 4 Here the first part of the manuscript ended.
  5. 5 2: The Tale of Inspector Legrasse
  6. 6 And yet, as the members severally shook their heads?
  7. 7 So a body of twenty police, filling two carriages?
  8. 8 Actually, the horrified pause of the men?
  9. 9 Old Castro remembered bits of hideous legend?
  10. 10 The feverish interest aroused at the meeting?

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